Computer Algebra and High Performance Computing

The CFHP Team is part of the Thematic Group CO2 of CRIStAL. Its core activity involves two major components:

  • computer algebra, i.e. the symbolic manipulation of mathematical formulas and exact/certified computing,
  • high performance computing, especially numerical linear algebra over massively parallel architectures.

Specific topics of the Team:

  • the symbolic treatment of dynamical systems,
  • biological modeling with a focus on biological networks and brain biology,
  • the development of numerical algorithms well-suited to future exascale architectures (MDLS@Lille, Grace),
  • the development of efficient algebraic algorithms.

Starting on January 1st, 2018, the CFHP team hosts the GAIA Inria team.

Historically, the Team results from the merging, in January 2015, of Teams Computer Algebra and MAP of the LIFL. We believe that numerical linear algebra may take advantage of our expertise in computer algebra (e.g. for developing new preconditioners) while our expertise in high performance computing may permit the development of new methods in exact computing, well-suited for future architectures.

Our road map provides more details.


François Boulier
+33 3 20 33 77 10