In this section are stored some other useful links about the activity i am involved in, that do not fit into the standard « research « and « teaching » fields. These works are related to our scientific track, but are targeted toward outside academia world.


The so-called « native digital » people grew up with technology. In that part of population, these that chose to follow the path of artistic expression, are more and more willing to take advantage of new technologies for expressing creativity. Because nice ideas about novel use of technology may show up anywhere creativity is high, we spend some of our time with artists, and do some work in collaboration with them.

As a scientific dissemination, as well as an interesting context for some imagine and realize/critique/iterate approach, part of MINT group and myself spend some time working on contemporary art projects, mostly with Le Fresnoy national contemporary art studio.

Such art-technology projects are at the heart of the "Forum Ouvert Oeuvres et Recherches" (FOOR), that highlights about 40 projects made in the Hauts de France region. A conference day was organised in dec. 2016 (see the videos here)

As an example of non-scientific demo that illustrates the efforts made toward society visibility, here is a project of a tactile e-book for children, build with Drawer Dominique Maes, upon the Evita tactile feedback device (result of the research team). 2016. Shown at Futurs-En seine (Paris, may 2016), Nuits des bibliothèques (Lille, nov. 2016). Will be shown at "quinzaine des arts du Futurs" in oct. 2017, Lille.

Here are links to the art installations we were involved in, sorted by chronological reverse order:

  • ID, opera project composed by Arnaud Petit, written by Alain Fleischer. Collaboration with Numediart (Mons, Belgium), Mac Gill (Canada). First exhibition will happen in october 2017.
  • Source, with Les yeux d'argos art company (project funded by Pictanovo Experiences Interactives), 2016
  • Mirror Lake Station, Mathilde Lavesne (project funded by Pictanovo Experiences Interactives, collaboration with 3DDuo SME), 2015.
  • Free Hands, Pauline de Chalendar, 2015. This work has been shown, among other, at IEEE Infoviz Art Track (VISAP), at School of the Arts Institute,  Chicago USA, in oct; 2015. This work was also derived in art sessions for kids, shown for one month exhibition at "les bains numériques" exhibition in Enghien-les-bains in june 2016,  shown at Experimenta exhibition in dec. 2016 (6000 visitors).
  • Tempo Scaduto, Vincent Cicliato, 2012.
  • Damassama, Léonore Mercier, 2011. This installation was also mentionned on the Microsoft Europe website
  • Monades, Alexandre Maubert, 2011
  • RoadSide Attractions, Jacques Loeil, 2010 (videos available on that website)
  • Pharmakon, Mathieu-Adrien Davy de Virville, 2010. Here is a video, shot at Le Fresnoy.

Press / media

Article about Free Hands artwork in NordEka, nov. 2016

Interview pour l'hebdomadaire 01Net (Jean-Marie Portal), pour un article sur les interfaces gestuelles paru dans le magazine 01net n°779, 8-28 aout 2013.

article dans le magazin régional j'innove en nord pas de calais sur l'équipe MINT

Interview sur radio Campus (Radio de l’université de Lille 1), à propos de la journée art-science-technologie de Polytech’Lille, 6 mars 2013, 30 minutes.

Une démarche art-science, exposé invité à la Journée Contact Innovation, Ministère de la recherche, Paris (17 janvier 2012)

Interview sur radio Campus (Radio de l’université de Lille 1), à propos de l’equipex IrDIVE, 25 janvier 2012, 30 minutes.

Interview pour l’Usine Nouvelle (contact Thierry Lucas), novembre 2012, pour un article intitulé «numérique: l’apres Kinect», 10 janvier 2013.

Interview pour Le Monde (cahier Science &Technologies) avec David Larousserie,pour un article paru dans le numéro du 22 septembre 2012, intitulé «Interagir à distance avec un écran».

Comptoirs du numériques, présentations (Paris, juin 2011).

Public presentations

Les périphériques, le geste et la commande, Journée LeapMotion, Stéréolux, La Fabrique, Nantes, 11 juin 2013.

Art and research, Open Source and open minds, main track/Open-arts session, FoSSA 2012 conference, Lille (5 décembre 2012). Invited talk.

Participation à la table ronde, organisée à Lens, semaine régionale de l’innovation, 30 novembre 2012, autour du livre numérique et de ses enjeux.

Journée Interregionales du Pole Image de Liège (belgique), 9 novembre 2012, interview réalisée avec Vincent ciciliato, à propos de l’installation tempo scaduto, réalisée en collaboration.

Interaction via le geste sans contact, un retour d'expérience sur la collaboration art-science, FITG-ArtLab, Tourcoing, 23 sept. 2011.

rencontres Transdigitales, Tourcoing, june 2010.