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Yosra Rekik, Eric Vezzoli, Laurent Grisoni. Understanding Users's Perception of Multi-tactile Feedback. Mobile HCI (AR 20%, 220 submissions). Sept. 2017, Vienna (Austria). Conditionnally accepted to publication. 5 pages. 2017.

Cagan Arslan, Florent Berthaut and Laurent Grisoni. RevGest: Augmenting Gestural Musical Instruments with Revealed Virtual Objects, NIME 2017 (Copenhagen, Danmark), 6 pages. May 2017, to appear.
Yosra Rekik, Eric Vezzoli, Laurent Grisoni and Fréderic Giraud. Localized Haptic Texture: A rendering technique based on Taxels for high density tactile feedback. In Proceedings of CHI'17, the 34th Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. May 2017, Denver, Colorado, 10 pages. New York: ACM Press. to appear. (AR 25%, 2424 submissions)

Yosra Rekik, Eric Vezzoli, Nicolas Bremard, Michel Amberg, Frédéric Giraud, Laurent Grisoni et Betty Semail. (2017) E-vita, a Tactile Feedback Based Tablet with Programmable Friction. Interactivity Research Demo of CHI'17, the 34th Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. May 2017, Denver, Colorado, 4 pages. New York: ACM Press. To appear.

Orlando Erazo, Yosra Rekik, Laurent Grisoni and José A. Pino, Understanding Gesture Articulations Variability. In Proc. of the 16th IFIP TCI3 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Springer, sept. 2017, Mumbai, India. 22 pages. To appear.

David Georguiev, Eric Vezzoli, Thomas Sednaoui, Laurent Grisoni, Betty Lemaire-Semail, Feeling multiple edges: the tactile perception of ultrasonic square reduction of the finger-surface friction. In Proc. of WorldHaptics 2017, Munich, Germany, june 2017. 4 pages, to appear.


Yosra Rekik, Radu Daniel Vatavu and Laurent Grisoni. (2016). Spontaneous gesture production patterns on multi-touch interactive surfaces. In Proceedings of CMIS 2016, the Springer book on Collaboration Meets Interactive Spaces. p. 33-46. 2016

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Hanae Rateau, Yosra Rekik, Laurent Grisoni, and Joaquim Jorge. 2016. Talaria: Continuous Drag & Drop on a Wall Display. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 199-204. (AR 28%, 119 submissions)

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Farzan Kalantari, Laurent Grisoni, Frédéric Giraud and Yosra Rekik. (2016) Finding the Minimum Perceivable Dimension of a Tactile Element on an Ultrasonic Based Haptic Tablet. In Proceedings of ISS'16 Extended Abstracts, the 11th ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces ans Spaces, p 329-384, November 2016, Niagara Falls, Canada. 6 pages. New York: ACM Press. (AR 28%, 119 submissions)


Francesco de Comite and Laurent Grisoni. 2015. Numerical anamorphosis: an artistic exploration. In SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 Art Papers (SA '15). ACM, New York, NY, USA, , Article 1 , 7 pages. (global AR 20%, 869 submissions).


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Y. Rekik, R.-D. Vatavu, L. Grisoni, Match-Up & Conquer : A Two-Step Technique for Recognizing Unconstrained Bimanual and Multi-Finger Touch Input, In Proceedings of AVI'14, the 12th ACM International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, p. 201-208, May 2014, Como Italy. 8 pages. New York: ACM Press. (AR 29%, 112 full paper submissions)

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A. Choumane, G. Casiez, L. Grisoni, Buttonless Clicking: Intuitive Select and Pick-Release Through Gesture Analysis, in Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Virtual Reality, IEEE Computer Society, pp 67-70, 2010. Top 10 best conference papers award. Short paper.

A. Martinet, L. Grisoni, G. Casiez, Comparing most recent 3D manipulation techniques for multi-touch displays, ACM International Conference on Interactive TableTops and Surfaces, demos session, Saarbrucken (Germany), 2010. video

2009 and earlier

Journals and books

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International Conferences (full and short papers)

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Others (talks, tech reports, posters, workshops, national conferences, etc...)

C.Guebert, C.Duriez, S.Cotin, J.Allard, L.Grisoni, Interactive Simulation of Flexible Needle Insertions Based on Constraint Models. Poster in Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA), August 2009. video

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HDR report

Vers une simulation physique temps reel multi-modèle
(Toward multi-model real-time physical simulation) Laurent Grisoni, Lille I University, December 2005.

Jury composition:
Pr. Marie-Paule Cani (INPG/GRAVIR, Grenoble), reviewer
Pr. Brian Barsky (Univ. Berkeley, USA), reviewer
Pr. Claude Puech (Univ. Paris Sud, INRIA Futurs)
Pr. Matthias Teschner (Univ. Freiburg, Deutschland), reviewer
Pr. Philippe Mathieu (LIFL, Univ. Lille 1)
Pr. Christophe Chaillou (LIFL, Univ. Lille 1)

Resume (english version)

Real-time physical simulation is, so far, a very active research field. Many different topics are of interest in that field, among which problems dealing with mechanical and visual accuracy, or computation efficiency. Physical simulation remains a very difficult field, where one hardly knows how to propose to users complex manipulation protocols, involving sophisticated physical operations, such as dynamic linking, cutting, using thread for suturing, etc... to the best of the community knowledge, it is possible, for each small part, to propose solutions, but it remains very difficult to propose a whole, global, software solution. In order to try to provide such tools, it is necessary to try to comprehend the problem from higher level than physical model, that is currently, to our knowledge, most of practical research activity in the field: we would have to find solutions for manipulating, from software point of view, mechanical systems as ”black boxes”, as independant as possible one from each other, that would provide ways to interact together (e.g. collide). In addition to that, such a view opens the way to a whole new field of non studied problems, among which the question to know how to provide systems with the ability to dynamically change their representation (either visual or mechanical), depending on the context of use, and external constraints (e.g.: CPU consumption). This is what we call ”multi-model” objects. This document presents a (personnal) review of the litterature involved in the field, related to that question, as well as our main contributions, for the main three points involved in the global multi-model question: first, model handling (in order to be able to produce both visually and mechanically accurate objects), second, adaptive models (in a more general way, models that can adapt their complexity for potential automatic tuning), and third, multi-model specific aspects.

Keywords: virtual reality, physical simulation, real-time, multiresolution, multi-model.


Elements de multiresolution en modelisation geometrique (Elements of multiresolution in geometric modeling) Laurent Grisoni, Bordeaux I University, December 1999.

Jury composition:
Mme Carole Blanc (LaBRI, Univ. Bordeaux I), MdC
Pr. Marie-Paule Cani (INPG/GRAVIR, Grenoble), reviewer
Pr. Alain Fournier (Univ. British Columbia, Canada), reviewer
Pr. Pascal Guitton (LaBRI, Univ. Bordeaux I)
Pr. Michel Mériaux (IRCOM-SIC, Univ. Poitiers)
Mr Christophe Schlick (LaBRI, Univ. Bordeaux I), MdC HDR, PhD advisor

Resume (english version) :

In image synthesis, the steadily growing complexity of geometrical models often has to be considered in the same time as perfomance constraints, such as in real time applications for example. In spite of the increased power of nowadays computers, the complexity of the manipulated scenes often becomes a sensible problem. In order to overcome this difficulty, it is of convenience to adapt the considered model, so that one could dispose of several representations of the same object, from the coarsest (i.e. computationnaly less demanding) to the finest. Wavelet based multiresolution is often a possible solution to this kind of constraint. Furthermore it provides, in geometric modeling, simple and efficient deformation tools. This thesis deals with multiresolution representation of spline and implicit objects. After a synthetical survey of the wavelet theory, and their use in practice, a new spline model, that we called Hermitian B-splines, or HB-splines for short, is presented, that can be considered both as an interpolatory, or approximation model, depending on the application. Starting from this model, a new approach to spline multiresolution is presented, that we called Hermitian Lifting Scheme, or HLS for short. This approach is simpler to implement than traditionnal ones, and offers additionnal degrees of freedom. Finally, in the implicit working frame, we propose a new multiresolution model, as well as an ad-hoc data structure. Tessellation of such objects, as well as multiresolution edition, is also studied.
Keywords: multiresolution, splines, implicit objects, wavelets