This section gathers several aspects of my research activity. Publications have been sorted in a separate section, for the sake of clarity. Here are included short description of main research leading activities, past and present PhD students.

This page is organized in items that you may fold/unfold depending on the information you are looking for.

Research Path

My scientific path is involved in computer science, and went through various area, so it is worth spending few lines here about the continuity of my research process. During my PhD, I have been working in the field of geometric modeling (splines, wavelet-based multiresolution structures, implicit modeling): part of my work was about designing curves. When i arrived as an assistant professor in Lille in september 2000, I have been working on animating geometry, and did physical simulation for a while (in this field i defended my habilitation in 2005): among the works I achieved or participated to, a lot was about animating curves. Since a few years I mostly got involved into interaction and HCI: there is so much to do in this field that it is definitely worth spending energy there. In the MINT group, we try to take the best from user gesture.

Current Research administration / activities

  • Leader of the MINT research group, co-supported by University Lille 1, CNRS (LIFL, UMR 8022) and INRIA (research team website, INRIA webpage) (team created in january 2009)
  • Scientific board of equipex IrDIVE (2012-2020), lead of "art-science" activity. This equipex has joined scientific board the ICAVS CNRS project, that is devoted to studying the visual in the largest possible meaning, from an history of art, psychology, and computer science point of view; also contemporary art is a field of application/exploration.
  • Member of Univ. Lille 1 cultural animation scientific council (2012-)

Funded research projects (present and past)

  • Scientific lead of CPER MAUVE project (2015-2020). This project is a 7.2 Meuros project, that received a 4.8 Meuros help from ERDF funds. This project is led by University of Lille Human & Social Sciences. For details on this project, see this video (in french)
  • Scientific lead, for INRIA, of MATRICE ERDF project (sept. 2015-dec. 2017), led by Architecture school of Lille. The aim of the project is 3D printing for building construction and renovation.
  • Project manager of SHIVA (Interreg II seas, sept. 2010-dec 2014). Partners: INRIA (lead), University Bournemouth, Hopale fundation, Victoria School. The aim of this project is to design virtual-reality based sculpture tools for rehabilitation, and impaired children. Project website
  • Scientific lead, for Univ. Lille 1 partner, of FUI Smart-Store project (2012-2015). This project aims at developing new interaction setups for retail, through combination of mid-air gestures and smartphone interaction. lead: Idées-3com SME. Partners: Immochan, Oxylane, VisioNord.
  • project manager of VORTISS (national ARA MDMSA, started in january 2007, ended july 2010). The core scientific of this project is about mixing efficient real-time deformable simulation, with rigorous topological manipulation, for proposing deformable objects that can be accurately (and recursively) cut.
  • ALCOVE/GRAPHIX team did participate to the RNTL project Part@ge (2006-2009); i was involved mostly at the begining of the project, on parts of the workplan devoted to distributed physical simulation.
  • i was the team correspondant for the european EUREKA project Odysseus. We appeared in this project as part of "INRIA" partner, along with two other projects: within this project we started in 2004 a collaboration, with the simulation group at CIMIT, and ASCLEPIOS and EVASION inria projects, on a flexible plateform for rapid prototyping and software exchange on medical simulation. This project gave birth to the SOFA architecture.

Scientific Dissemination

Program commitees, boards, expert groups...

    • Computer Graphics International (CGI) 2017,2016,2015
    • International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) 2017,2016,2015
    • International Conference on Movement Computing (MOCO) 2017, 2016, 2015
    • IEEE Infoviz Art Track (VISAP) 2016, 2017
    • ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling (SPM) 2008
    • GRAPP (International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications): 2017, 2016,2015, 2014
    • Workshop on physical simulation and virtual reality (VRIPHYS) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
    • Computer animation and Social agents (CASA) 2010, 2011
    • member of expert group constituting RTP visual studies 2009-2012


    • Journals: J. of Comp. Aided Design, J. of Graphical Models, J. of Graphic Tools, IEEE Comp. Graph. and Applications, IEEE Trans. on Signal Proc., LNCS Gesture Workshop, IEEE Trans. on Haptics, IEEE. Trans. on Vis. and Comp. Graphics
    • Conferences: ACM CHI, UIST, WorldHaptics, Eurohaptics, ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, Graphics Interface, ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling, Computer Animation and Social Agents, SCCG, MMM, Shape modeling international

Non-advised PhD and Habilitation commitees

  • Eva Coupeté (Mines de Paris, reviewer, oct. 2016)
  • Francois Lehericey (INRIA Rennes, dec. 2016, reviewer)
  • Brett Ridel (University of Bordeaux, oct. 2016, reviewer)
  • Slawek Staworko (HDR jury, University of Lille, jury president)
  • Can Liu (University of Paris-Sud Saclay, oct. 2015, reviewer)
  • Hildegardo Noronha (University of Madeira, Portugal, reviewer, july 2015)
  • Nicolas Chérin (Univ. Mulhouse, reviewer)
  • Vincent Majorcyk (University of LIlle Sci. & Tech., april 2015, jury president)
  • Rémi Brouet (University of Grenoble, march 2015, reviewer)
  • Simon Courtemanche (University of Grenoble, oct. 2014, reviewer)
  • Adrien Bernhardt (Univ. Grenoble, july 2013, reviewer)
  • Yann Savoye (University Bordeaux I, dec. 2012, jury member)
  • Quentin Avril (University Rennes 1, sept. 2011, reviewer)
  • Olivier Comas (University Lille 1, dec 2010, jury president)
  • Nadine Couture (HDR University Bordeaux I, dec 2010, reviewer)
  • Adeline Pihuit (University Grenoble, dec 2010, reviewer)
  • Jérôme Baril (University Bordeaux I, jan 2010, reviewer)
  • Mathieu Gautier (CEA/University Pierre & Marie Curie Paris VI, sept 2009 reviewer)
  • Jamie Whiter (University Grenoble, nov 2008, reviewer)
  • Ali Choumane (University Rennes 1, nov. 2008, jury member)
  • Flavien Bridault (University of Littoral, Calais, dec 2007, jury member)
  • Antoine Joncquet (University Reims, dec 2007, reviewer)
  • Christophe Cassagnabère (University Littoral, Calais, jan 2007, jury member)
  • Laks Raghupathi (reviewer, Grenoble, nov. 2006)
  • Patrick Reuter (univ. Bordeaux I, dec. 2003, jury member)
  • Benjamin Schmitt (univ. Bordeaux I, dec. 2002, jury member)

Research advising

Current PhD students

  • Olivier Capra (PhD started in sept. 2016, co-advised 50% with Florent Berthaut)
  • Cagan Arslan (PhD started in sept. 2015, co-advised 50% with Jean Martinet)
  • Farzan Kalantari (PhD started in sept. 2014, co-advised 50% with F. Giraud, electrical engineering)
  • Frédéric Largilière (PhD started in sept. 2013, co-advised 50% with Christian Duriez, INRIA)
  • Charlotte Planckeel (PhD start in sept. 2015, co-advised 25% with A. Lehoerff, acheology)
  • Vincent Gouezou (PhD CIFRE started in sept. 2014, co-advised 25% with F. Vermandel, architecture)
  • Hanae Rateau, advised 100%, PhD started in sept. 2012

Former PhD students

  • Yosra Rekik (co-advised 50%, PhD defended in dec. 2014)
  • David Selosse (co-advised 50%, 09/2009-08/2014)
  • Nicolas Bremard (co-advised 50%, PhD start in sept 2012)
  • Jean-Philippe Deblonde, co-advised 50%, PhD defended in sept. 2012
  • Elena-Gina Craciun, co-advised 50%, co-funded with univ. Suceava, Romania, PhD defended in Romania in february 2013;
  • Clément Moerman (co-advised 50%, 09/2009 - 10/2012)
  • Anthony Martinet, co-advised 50%, PhD defended in nov. 2011
  • Christophe Guebert, co-advised 50%. PhD defended in june 2010
  • Guillaume Saupin, co-advised 50% (CEA PhD student). PhD defended in nov. 2008
  • Radu Vatavu, co-advised 20%, co-funded with univ. Suceava, Romania. PhD defended in march 2008.
  • Adrien Theetten, co-advised 30%, PhD defended in dec. 2007.
  • Damien Marchal, co-advised 40%, PhD defended in oct. 2006.
  • Jérémie Dequidt, co-advised 50%, PhD defended in dec. 2006.
  • Julien Lenoir, co-advised 30%, PhD defended nov. 2005.

Other/Previous Research administration activities

Research responsibilities:

    • 2005-2009: vice-head of ALCOVE inria research team;
    • 2006-2007: head of Graphix research team, and also head of ALCOVE INRIA project (temporary responsibility, Christophe Chaillou, "historical" scientific head, being this year in Beijing, on sabbatical leaves)
    • 2008-2014: member of LIFL scientific counsil

Hiring Commitees

  • member of the computer science hiring comitee of University Lille 1 (vivier) since oct. 2008 (renewed in 2012)
  • 2010-2011: Animation of University Lille 1 computer science hiring commitees (animateur de vivier)
  • Participation to 5 local assistant professor hiring comitees for Univ. Lille 1: 3 as comitee member, 2 as president of comitee (Polytech'Lille), may 2009
  • Participation to 5 external hiring commitees for assistant professor positions: Rennes 2011, Toulouse 2010, Reims 2009, Calais 2008, 2009,
  • Participation to 4 external hiring commitees for professor position: Brest 2012, Lille 2012 (psychology position), Bordeaux 2011, Reims 2009
  • Alternate member of hiring comitee ("membre suppléant de la commision de specialiste") of Littoral university (Calais), 27th french university section, from 2004 to 2008.

Project reviewing

  • IDEX Grenoble (2017)
  • Fondecyt Chile (2015, 2009)
  • FNRS (Belgique, 2014)
  • DRRT CIR (2015, 2013)
  • Fond de recherche nature & technologie (Quebec) 2015
  • ANR: blanc 2015, JCJC SIMI2 (2013), participation to ANR jury session CES 38 (2016 & 2016)
  • Conseil regional Aquitaine
  • Reviewer for the Digiteo research cluster 2007


    • Eurographics France administration commitee member 2003-2008
    • LIFL representant to the AFIG administration commitee 2004-2006