Colloquium Polaris

le 23 juin 2016 à 14h00

Intervenant : Victor Vianu

"Analysis of Data-Centric Workflows".

Abstract: Software systems centered around databases have become pervasive in a wide variety of applications, including health-care management, e-commerce, business processes, scientific workflows, and e-government. Such applications support complex workflows involving numerous interacting actors, whence the critical need for various analysis tools. Unlike arbitrary software systems, data-driven applications are increasingly specified using high-level logic-based tools, which greatly facilitates the analysis task. This new opportunity has given rise to a flourishing research area at the intersection of databases and computer-aided verification, in both academia and industry. This talk will present an overview of recent research in this area, carried out with collaborators at UC San Diego, ENS-Cachan and INRIA.

Lieu : Auditorium IRCICA, parc scientifique de la Haute Borne à Villeneuve d’Ascq

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