NOCE team

New Tools for Collaboration and Learning

Leader: Luigi Lancieri



Historically the Noce team located its research activities in the field of CSCW (Computer-supported cooperative work) and TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning). Always active in this community, the team opened its research interests to the study of computer mediated interactions to a larger spectrum of use cases than only those attached to the learning domain (e.g. online and situated commerce, social networks, smart cities, etc). Thus, our main theme of research can be expressed by two scientific questions focusing on the computer mediated interactions and on the usages. First, how to model the users' mediated (individual and collective) behavior from real activities? Then, how to adapt, in an acceptable manner, a computer service to the evolutions of the needs and the activity context of users?


Laurie Acensio

Système de recommandation sociale pour l'aide à la composition de groupe de formation sous double contrainte

Souleiman Ali Houssein

Orchestration et adaptation de scénario d'apprentissage

Dikagma Bassagou

Système de recommandation pour optimiser l'organisation de la formation à distance

Zahi Hodeib

Environnement d'apprentissage pourl'administration système et le réseau

Nassim Dennouni

Orchestration des activités mobiles d'apprentissage 2016-01-07

Nadia Elouali

Model driven engineering for multimodal parvasive systems 2014-10-27

Hajer Sassi

Assistance et conseil aux utilisateurs dans le cadre d’une intelligence ambiante. Une étude des usages en contexte : X-CAMPUS. 2013-11-19

Yvan Peter

Infrastructures support aux activités et scénarios d'apprentissage – du LMS aux environnements ouverts et pervasifs 2014-12-01

José Rouillard

Adaptation en contexte : contribution aux interfaces multimodales et multicanal 2008-12-04

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