DiCOT team

Diagnostic, Commande et Observation pour des systèmes Tolérants aux fautes

Leader: Maan El Badaoui El Najjar



The DiCOT team performs theoretical, methodological and applied researchs to design fault tolerant controlled systems. This research concerns the design of Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) systems, Fault tolerant Control (FTC) systems, and Fault Tolerant Fusion (FTF). The strength of the DiCOT team is to gather researchers on automatic control, dependability analysis, data analysis and data fusion from different scientific communities. This wealth enables us to tackle the fault tolerance problems according to various facets. It enables us to develop original and efficient methods which allowus to take advantage of different specialities and to tackle the fault tolerance problem from a system point of view. We mainly consider linear and nonlinear continuous-time systems and hybrid dynamical systems (switching systems). The goals of our research team are to study and take into account the interactions between the FDI system and the different algorithms used in controlled systems. Active Fault Tolerant Control (AFTC) uses a Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) module to adapt the control law in order to react to faults through reconfiguration or accommodation (adaptive control). The goals are to maintain the overall system stability and acceptable performance in spite of the occurrence of faults. When integrating the different units to build a reliable AFTC law it is generally considered that each individual subsystem operates correctly: its output is instantaneously available to provide decisions/actions to other subsystems. The interactions between the reconfigurable controller and the FDI unit are not fully considered. From another point of view, control schemes need generally observation, estimation and data fusion modules. These modules must also be fault tolerant in order to guarantee global system performances. The FDI algorithms have also been used to reconfigure them when faults occur. The main application areas concern the multi-robot systems, transportation systems and energy systems.
Two themes will be considered in the DiCOT team :

  • T1: Interactions between fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control;
  • T2: Interactions between fault diagnosis and data fusion/estimation.



  • Professors
    • Abdelouahab Aitouche
    • Mireille Bayart
    • Jean-Philippe Cassar
    • Vincent Cocquempot
    • Maan El Badaoui El Najjar (Responsable)
    • Denis Pomorski
  • Associate professor
    • Midzodzi Pekpe
  • Engineers
    • Gérald Dherbomez
    • Michel Pollart


  • Phd students
    • Boussad Abci
    • Ayad Al Dujaili
    • Ibrahim Alaridh
    • Yuqi Wang
    • Amer Yaseen
  • Engineer
    • Alexis Martin
  • Others
    • Dongsheng Du
    • Islem Labidi
    • Shanzhi Li


  • Associate professors
    • Cyrille Christophe
    • Aziz Nakrachi

Boussad Abci

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Ayad Al Dujaili

Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control design for interconnected intelligent systems : application to a system of multi-collaborative robots

Ibrahim Alaridh

Commande tolérante aux fautes d'un véhicule électrique autonome

Mohamad Daher

Fusion multi-capteurs décentralisé tolérante aux fautes

Yuqi Wang

Detection et diagnostic de dérives pour le pilotage de la performance énergétique dans l'industrie, les réseaux urbains et les bâtiments

Amer Yaseen

Design and Implementation of Secure Networked Predictive Control System

Hermine Som Idellette Judith

PDE observers design for fault diagnosis on distribution flow networks 2017-03-30

Mahmoud Kaddour

Contribution on integrity monitoring and control of GNSS positioning system 2016-11-01

Joelle Al Hage

Fusion de données tolérante aux défaillances : application à la supervision de l'intégrité d'un système de localisation 2016-10-17

Koffi Mawussé Motchon

Caractérisation de la discernabilité des systèmes dynamiques linéaires et non-linéaires affines en la commande 2016-05-19

Zine Eddine Meguetta

Méthodologie de conception sûre de fonctionnement d'un système de contrôle-commande 2015-07-20

Ziad Imam

L’intégration des Activités de Maintenance dans la Conception des Systèmes d’Automatisation 2015-06-24

Xian Zhang

Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for intelligent electric Vehicles 2015-03-30

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