Software Engineering


Model Driven Engineering and Human Computer Interaction for efficient diagrams in Software Engineering

Leader: Cédric Dumoulin



The theme of the Carbon team is the software modeling and its relationships with the users and all the artifacts related to the process of creating and maintaining the software (code, specifications, models, photo ...). So far, those relationships have been neglected by the scientific community. This results in significant barriers to the adoption of a Model Driven Engineering (MDE). That is why we intend to propose a new approach to MDE where we completely reconsider the place of modeling activities and artifacts.

For this, we focus on the following particular topics :
-  Synchronization and cooperation between the different artifacts occurring in the lifecycle of the software.
- Adaptation of the visual representation of a model to the task and the profile of the person concerned.
- Redefining the patterns of interaction for modeling activities and associated tasks.
- Providing relevant and effective ways of interaction to manipulate artifacts, while exploiting their cooperation and choosing the most appropriate interaction devices.

We aim to provide the base building blocks, good practices and frameworks for building the design environment of such software.



  • Associate professors
    • Cédric Dumoulin (Responsable)
    • Xavier Le Pallec
    • Jean-Claude Tarby


  • Phd student
    • Maxime Savary-leblanc


  • Associate professor
    • Emmanuel Renaux

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