FOX team

Fouille et indexation de dOcuments compleXes et multimedia

Leader: Jean Martinet



The research activities of FOX team are aimed at analysing human behaviour from video streams, at crowd and individual levels. Visual data are abundant in our daily lives, including audiovisual archives, videos available on the Web, or surveillance videos. Such data are highly rich in terms of colour, texture, and motion. The hard problems in automatic video analysis come from the appearance variability of objects and persons (due to changes in position, lighting conditions, or face expression, and possible occlusions), and also from the big volume and heterogeneity of such data. The team develops motion and appearance models for the detection, recognition, and analysis of events, activities, or affective states. Possible applications include :

  • human-computer interactions, such as gesture analysis via video cameras for command, or face expression analysis to enable affective and empathic computing ; *security, such as crowd motion analysis and person tracking to detect abnormal situations ;
  • marketing, such as gender (male/female) recognition for people facing an interactive display for ads personalisation ;
  • and multimedia indexing, such as automatic content-based structuration of audiovisual archives.

Romain Belmonte

Contextualisation de l'analyse du comportement centrée individu dans des contextes de captation non-contraints

Veïs Oudjail

Réseaux de neurones impulsionnels pour la vision artificielle

Delphine Vermeersch

Expression recognition in uncnstrained/natural interaction environments

Benjamin Allaert

Analysis of facial expressions in video flows 2018-06-08

Afifa Dahmane

Estimation du regard à partir de la vidéo 2015-02-01

Rémi Auguste

Reconnaissance dynamique de personnes dans les émissions audiovisuelles 2014-07-09

Amel Aissaoui

Reconnaissance bimodale de visages par fusion de caractéristiques visuelles et de profondeur. 2014-06-23

Adel Lablack

Estimation du regard dans un environnement contrôlé 2010-02-03

Marius Bilasco

Analyse faciale dans les flux vidéo 2019-02-08

Jean Martinet

Advanced features for image representation: integrating relations, weights, depth, and time 2016-12-15

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