EAST team

Efficient dynAmically reconfigurable hardware architectureS for Cloud/Fog compuTing

Leader: Samy Meftali



Heterogeneous FPGA-based architectures dedicated to FOG / CLOUD systems design constitutes the focus of the EAST team's research work. Thus, our work aims allowing dynamic allocation (on demand) hardware areas to deploy tasks that can be light or high resources consumer, at runtime. These allocation and deployment steps must be transparent to users and programming of these architectures must be efficient and as easy as possible. This is why EAST is interested in the development of languages, compilers and tools for the programming of Fog / Cloud architectures and the automation of the allocation and deployment of hardware tasks, taking advantage of the possibilities of dynamic and partial reconfiguration.




Marion Sbai

Allocation et affectation dynamique de tâches matérielles et de données dans une architecture de type FOG/CLOUD bas sur des FPGAs hétérogènes

Hugo Sbai

Intelligent and adaptive video surveillance system, in a FOG / CLOUD environment 2018-04-20

Wissem Chouchene

Towards a Parallel Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration by Taking into Account the Regularity of FPGA-Xilinx Architectures 2017-12-07

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