CO2 : Control and scientific Computing

SHOC team

Hybrid Systems, Observation and Control

Leader: Lotfi Belkoura



Team SHOC deals with complex heterogeneous systems where continuous and discrete dynamics interact. The research mainly focuses on control problems and realization theory for hybrid system, as well as topics related to aperiodic sampling and cyber-physical networks. This interdisciplinary field is at the crossroad of research activities on nonlinear systems, differential inclusion and LPV systems. Algebraic tools and Lyapunov based methods are developed for realization theory, model reduction, stability analysis, control/observation design, and estimation problems. SHOC considers various application fields such as electrical engineering (power converters, sensorless control), networked/embedded/cyber-physical systems.

Youness Braidiz

Finite-time stability and stabilization of interconnected systems

Deesh Dileep

Network Design for Decentralized Control

Edouard Leurent

Conduite automobile autonome : application des techniques d'apprentissage automatique à la planification contextualisée de trajectoire

Cristian Miron

Commande tolérante robuste des systèmes énergétiques

Abbas Tariverdi

Event-triggered and self-triggered control of dynamical systems

Jijju Thomas

Networks with event triggered coupling

Xinyong Wang

Stabilisation des systèmes en dimension infinie par des lois de commande hybrides

Yue Wang

Développement d'un robot dirigeable pour opération intérieur 2019-03-15

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