to the Research Center in Computer Science, Signal and Automatics of Lille

CRIStAL was born on January 1st, 2015.
CRIStAL is one of the partner of the institute of interdisciplinary researches IRCICA-USR CNRS 3380 (https://ircica.univ-lille.fr/fr/linstitut).

Since January 2018, the three universities of Lille have merged into the University of Lille. CRIStAL’s main tutelles (supervising entities) are the University of Lille, CNRS and Centrale Lille Institut. Its secondary tutelles are Inria Lille Nord Europe and IMT Lille-Douai.
The laboratory is composed of about 470 members (230 permanent employees and more than 240 non-permanent employees) among whom 28 permanent employees of the CNRS and 23 of Inria.
Main CRIStAL Research activities involve topics related to major scientific and social issues such as Big Data, software, image and its uses, human-computer interaction, robotics, control and supervision of large systems, intelligent vehicle systems, bio-informatics ... with applications in retails, technologies for health, smart grids.