2007 is a workshop totally managed by junior researchers (Ph.D. students or people who has defended their thesis for no more than 2 years) relative to the area of dynamic wireless networks, evaluated by junior researchers.

IMAGINE 2007 is a workshop in conjonction with DISC 2007. It will take place at Lemesos, Cyprus, on 26 and 27 September 2007.

The particularities of IMAGINE are the followings :
Mobile computing and communication devices will have an enormous impact on our lifestyle over the next several decades.  Wireless connectivity with mobility support is an important enabling technology for pervasive computing and communications. The emergence of multi-hop wireless networks raises a number of interesting, and difficult theoretical and algorithmic issues and will play a key role in development and progress of these emerging paradigms. Thus, studying dynamic networks (e.g., wireless ad hoc and sensor networks) implies studying mobility, algorithms and graph theory in order to provide reliable and generic theoretical models. To improve such models, researchers in the field of ad hoc wireless networks need to understand many tools like graph theory, graph decomposition, stochastic geometry,  mobility models derived from social graphs area, etc. 

Conversely, researchers working in the field of graph theory have developed several tools, like efficient distributed algorithms and useful graph decompositions or embeddings, for which dynamic and ad hoc wireless networks studies offer a wide field of applications. Unfortunately, nowadays, most of researchers studying that fields work independently of what is done in other research areas.

Wireless dynamic networks as well as graph theory need the meeting of different communities from research areas susceptible to bring new tools to be improved. Therefore, IMAGINE wants to gather junior researchers in order to promote pluridisciplinarity in the field of dynamic networks. For this purpose, this workshop wants to promote surveys done by junior researchers about their own works.
IMAGINE pursues several goals :