Calcul hautes performances platform

Leader: Nouredine Melab


The High Performance Computing platform is composed of Grid’5000 that is a scientific platform to perform experiments in large scale distributed computing at all levels of the software stack (network, operating system, middleware, applications) while guaranteeing a maximal control of experimental conditions.

This is a research grid composed of clusters distributed on 10 sites (Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Luxembourg, Nancy, Reims, Rennes, Sophia-Antipolis et Toulouse) and connected by a high speed network operated by Renater. The node in Lille is managed by the CRIStAL and the Inria Lille Nord Europe research center, is hosted at CRI Lille 1 since 2005, and is composed of 700 computing cores and more than 14,000 GPU cores interconnected with a Myrinet network.

The hardware and software maintenance, as well the user assistance, are performed by the “Action de développement technologique” Inria Aladdin-G5K.