Thesis of Ibrahim Abdallah

Event-Driven Hybrid Bond Graph Application: Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Hydrogen Production and Storage

From a general perspective, this research work constitutes a general contribution towards a simpler modelling and diagnosis of the multidisciplinary hybrid systems. Hybrid renewable energy systems where hydrogen, as an energy vector, is used to store the surplus of the renewable power fit perfectly under this description. Such system gathers different energetic components which are needed to be connected or disconnected according to different operating conditions. These different switching configurations generate different operating modes and depend on the intermittency of the primary sources, the production needs, the storage capacities and the operational availability of the different material resources that constitute the system. The switching behaviour engenders a variable dynamic which is hard to be expressed mathematically without investigating all the operating modes. This modelling difficulty is transmitted to affect all the model-based tasks such as the diagnosis and the operating mode management. To solve this problematic, a new modelling tool, called event-driven hybrid bond graph, is developed. Entirely graphic, the proposed formalism allows a multidisciplinary global modelling for all the operating modes of the hybrid system at once. By separating the continuous dynamic driven by the bond graph, from the discrete states modelled by an integrated automaton, the proposed approach simplifies the management of the operating modes. The model issued using this methodology is also well-adapted to perform a robust diagnosis which is achievable without referring back to the analytical description of the model. The operating mode management, when associated with the on-line diagnosis, allows the implementation of reconfiguration strategies and protection protocols when faults are detected.


Directeur de thèse : Belkacem Ould-Bouamama Rapporteurs : Wolfgang BORUTZKY , Christophe TURPIN Examinateurs : Marie-Cécile PERA, Dominique SAUTER, Aziz NAAMANE

Thesis of the team defended on 23/11/2017