This hackathon is organized during the first year of the VR4REHAB Interreg project, as a thinktank for ideas based on VR technologies, to be used in health rehabilitation. Awarded ideas will be further matured within VR4REHAB project gamejams (technological specification and prototyping) and challenges (first experiments with clinical partners !)

IMPORTANT !!: please consult the project hackathon webpage for details about the subjects that have been selected. 5 key problems have been identified, these will be the target of all the hackathons organized by VR4REHAB (see previous link for videos presenting these issues):

  • Pain management
  • Engagement and immersion to promote treatment adherence
  • Behavioural therapy after Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Lower limbs and mobility
  • Training of upper limb movements

Similar hackathon events are being organized by the project (one per participating country)

When ?

14-15 juin 2018. Precise schedule to come soon.

where ?

Imaginarium, Plaine Images
99a Bvd Descat
59200 Tourcoing

Tourcoing is 15 mins by car from Lille (France). It can also be reached from Lille by subway (Line 2, Alsace Station, imaginarium building is then about a 200 meters walk).

Who can participate ?

anyone willing to help in our mission to find out VR solution for helping in the field of health rehabilitation. We aim at building up teams that ideally combine the following people:

  • Patients
  • Healthcare professionals in rehabilitation medicine
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • communication people
  • 3D content
  • Entrepreneurs

How to register?

Send an email (ideal topic: "[VR4REHAB french hackathon] registration") including name/familly name/few lines about what you can bring to the hackathon to laurent[point]grisoni[at]univ-lille1[point]fr and we'll get back to you very shortly after.

Jury / évaluation

all ideas from the hackathons will be evaluated by a pool of experts, gathering people from rehabilitation, entrepreneurs, usability expertsn VR experts, patients. Jury will evaluate the proposals, their feasibility, and potential impact. Selected ideas (at least one per thema) will serve as a basis for the project second year Game Jams.

What do we charge for ?

registration is free. We take care of breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. You are asked to be present during the entire program. If you want to stay overnights in the area, you will need to settle this on your own expenses.

What happens after this hackathon if you win ?

The plan is that the best ideas are elaborated in Game Jams. During these Game Jams, people will create (working) prototypes or solutions. You will compete against the winners of from hackathons in other countries. De Game Jams will be held in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. expenditures may be taken in charge by the project. If you are chosen, you have to be willing to participate in the Game Jam. Dates and locations haven’t yet been set, but will be soon.

intellectual property issues

all standard IP regarding hackathons are applied, as well as french intellectual properties rights. The main goal of the VR4REHAB project is to create health protocols and economical developement anywhere relevant. Our aim is to identify (and companion) brilliant ideas, taking the best benefit of the people that helped them be born.

Any other questions ?

Please see this excellent FAQ that can help you understand further. In case a question is still not answered, or specific details needed : mail laurent[point]grisoni[at]univ-lille1[point]fr