Papy Game
What is PapyGame?
Papy Game is an initiative to gamify the process of learning software modeling.

While modeling is now validated as effective for solving complex problems or developing complex systems, its widespread and systematic application has not yet lived up to expectations. According to several studies, the complexity of the modeling languages and tools and the lack of required skills in abstraction are part of the reasons of this situation. For us, gamification could play an important role in order to lower the entry barrier of modeling and modeling tools. Gamification is the exploitation of gaming mechanisms for serious purposes, like promoting behavioral changes, soliciting participation, and engagement in activities. Papy Game is a gamified software modeling environment realized to design games for specific training/learning goals.

The used modeling environment is Papyrus (standard UML modeling tool of Eclipse).
Some screenshots
The Papy Game initiative includes people from
** main contact for the Papy Game initiative.
How to install Papy Game on your Eclipse?

PapyGame installation procedure

Note: our plugin release of Papygame aims the latest Eclipse IDE release (2020-06).
  1. Open your eclipse IDE.
  2. Please install or update Papyrus to the latest release (2020-06)
    1. In Eclipse menu "Help" -> "Install new software ..."
    2. In "Work with" field, please set "" and press Enter to obtain the same list as the picture below
    3. Set checkboxes as the following picture and click Next
    4. Accept licenses as prompted and restart IDE when required.
  3. You can install PapyGame now as follows :
    1. Download our plugin here :
    2. Unzip the folder to a location of your choice.
    3. In Eclipse menu "Help" -> "Install new software ..."
    4. Click "Add..." to add an update site.
    5. Set "PapyGame" as name, and click "Local..." to browse the folder from step
  4. (the folders that contains artifact.jar, content.jar and 2 folders).
    1. Unclick the checkbox "Group items by category"
    2. Check the box "PapyGameFeature"
    3. Follow the standard installation procedure (Install details, Accept licenses,
    4. Select "Install Anyway" when prompted (plugin is not signed yet)
    5. Restart the IDE when required
  5. You can now start PapyGame
    1. Click Menu "Window" -> "Show view" -> "Other..."
    2. Search for "PapyGame"
  6. PapyGame is started, you can now choose a UNIQUE username (please make sure you use a unique username)
    No password is required yet.
  7. You can now play levels from the Master of software engineering course.


  • If views are not correctly displayed to play (as in the video), please close the PapyGame View, open the Perspective Papyrus (Window -> Perspective -> Open Perspective -> Other... -> Papyrus) and reopen the PapyGame view (step 4).
  • The Eclipse installation has to be completely up-to-date before trying to install PapyGame. Please check Help -> Check for Updates to eventually install required updates.
  • As the PapyGame uses SWT Web Browser facility, the default OS web browser will be used. We only tested PapyGame on MacOS (so Safari). We don't think about issues for Linux... but maybe on Windows (where default browser is IE11 :-().