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Samuel Degrande
CNRS Research Engineer

Scientific Co-Leader of the Spin|3D project,
Technical Director of the PIRVI
Associate Member of the MINT research group
Member of the LIFL's technical staff

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Alcove Logo Spin|3D project

A Spin|3D application

Spin|3D is a synchronous 3D collaborative software platform. It aims at providing a complete software environment to ease the development of collaborative applications.

Target collaborative applications
  • Digital project review
  • Support for medical diagnostic
  • Virtual laboratory work (e-learning)
  • Network games
Research thematic areas
  • Collaborative Virtual Environment
  • Configurable/Adaptable Interface
  • Computer-Human Interaction
  • Communication Framework


The PIRVI is a technological facility and a group of research teams offering:

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MINT Logo MINT Research Group

MINT is a research team of the LIFL / CNRS and of the INRIA Futurs, located in Lille, north of France.
Its activity is focused on "gestural interaction".

Research thematic areas
  • Gestures captured using held, worn or touched objects or contactless perceptual technologie
  • Computational representations of these gestures
  • Methods for characterizing and recognizing them
  • Transfer functions used for non-isometric object manipulations
  • Feedback mechanisms, and more particularly haptic ones
  • Engineering tools to facilitate the implementation of gestural interaction techniques
  • Evaluation methods to assess their usability

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Parc Scientifique de la Haute Borne
50 avenue Halley
BP 70478 - 59658 Villeneuve d'Ascq, FRANCE

mailto :
phone : +33/0 362 53 1570