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1998-2002, 2004-2008, 2009-2013 : Prime d'excellence scientifique

Former PhD students in Computer Science

  Md-Haidar Sharif (2010)
Theme: "Detection of abnormal events from video streams "
Currently: Assistant professor, Gediz University, Turkey

  Adel Lablack (2010)
Theme: "Gaze estimation in controlled environments"
Currently: CEO, Lille, France

  Sylvain Mongy (2008)
Theme: "Analysis of video usages"
Currently: Project adviser in the company Soft.Computing, Lille, France 

  Mehdi Adda (2008)
Theme: "Web mining with ontologies", in cooperation with Montreal university, co-supervised with Rokia Moussaoui (University Of Quebec in Outaouais) and Petko Valtchev (University of Montreal). The thesis was classified as one of the best 10% thesis of University of Montreal.
Currently: Regular Professor in Computer Science: Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering Department (DIMG) UQAR, University of Quebec At Rimouski, Canada.  

  Abdelghani Ghomari (2008)
PhD of the University of Es-Senia, Algeria
Theme: "Formal synchronization of multimedia documents"
Currently: Associate professor in the University of Es Senia, Oran, Algeria

  Thierry Urruty (2007)
Theme: "Optimisation of multimedia and audiovisual descriptions"
Currently: Post-doctorant, University Lille1, Research assistant, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

  Nacim Ihaddadene (2007)
Theme: "Extraction and improvement of business process models from event logs"
Currently: Post-doctorant at the University Lille1, France

  Younes Hafri (2005)
Theme: "Web usage mining applied to web archives"
Currently: CEO, INEODEV Company, Paris, France 

  Marinette Bouet (2000)
Theme: "Content-based Image indexing and Retrieval"
Currently: Assistant professor at the University of Clermont Ferrand, France

  Karima Hadouda (2000)
Theme: "Temporal synchronization of multimedia scenarios"
Currently: Assistant professor, Quebec, Canada 

Current PhD students

  Samir Amir (2008-2011)
Theme: "Metadata framework for collaborative and aggregative Multimedia for home applications"

  Yassine Benabbas (2008-2011)
Theme : "Extraction of events from videos, in a crowd environment"

  Ismail El Sayad (2008-2011)
Theme: "Visual words for image indexing and retrieval"

  Affifa Dahmani (2009-2012)
Theme: "Head pose estimation"

Current post-doc students in Computer Science

  Nacim Ihaddadene

  Thierry Urruty

  Ahmed ElGhini

  Taner Danisman

  Adel Lablack

  Tarek Yhiaoui