Moose technology

Two days around the Moose technology.
  1. On day 1, will take place a workshop aimed at researchers and practitioners in the field of object-oriented reengineering and software analysis. The workshop is focused on how to put research ideas and results from these fields into practice using the FAMIX family of meta-models and the MOOSE analysis platform.
  2. On day 2, will take place a Moose Dojo / Pharo sprint in order to enhance version 5.0 of Moose on Pharo 3.0.

On the 19th and the 20th December 2013 from 9:30.

At Inria Lille Nord Europe
B Building, room  B31 (3rd floor)
Villeneuve d'Ascq

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What in details?
Some presentations on day 1 (19th December):
  • 10h: welcome

  • 10h30: APIEvolutionMiner - Andre Hora APIEvolutionMiner is a tool to extract rules by monitoring API changes applied in source code during system evolution. This presentation will demonstrate how to consistently apply changes to reflect new API and avoid further maintenance problems.
  • 11h: FamixDiff - Nicolas Anquetil FamixDiff is a tool that extracts the changes between two MooseModels.
  • 11h30: Orion - Jannik Laval and Anne Etien Orion is an interactive prototyping tool for reengineering, to simulate changes and compare their impact on multiple versions of software source code models. This presentation will demonstrate the tool and the associate latest development around reengineering.

  • 12h: Lunch offered by ESUG.

  • 14h: First works on VersionSigns of Caries at SmalltalkHub - Yuriy Tymchuk
  • 14h30: Roassal - Alexandre Bergel Roassal is an agile visualization engine. Roassal offers a core engine and a number of domain specific languages. This presentation will demonstrates the latest specific languages the DCC@UChile and Object Profile have been working on.

  • 15h-15h30 break

  • 15h30: GraphET - Alexandre Bergel GraphET is a DSL for modeling, drawing and animating charts. This presentation will demonstrate the language and raise some open questions.
  • 16h: Use of GraphET - Serge Stinckwich Example of using GraphET for modelling epistemiological data.
  • 16h30: Around tests - Alain Plantec The presentation will demonstartes how to ease the tests definition based on metamodels.

  • Nicolas Anquetil (on Thursday only)
  • Clément Béra
  • Alexandre Bergel
  • Damien Cassou
  • Guido Chari
  • Andrei Chis
  • Tommaso Dal Sasso
  • Christophe Demarey
  • Marcus Denker
  • Stéphane Ducasse (on Friday only)
  • Anne Etien
  • Andre Hora
  • Jannik Laval (on Thursday only)
  • Esteban Lorenzano
  • Roberto Minelli
  • Alain Plantec
  • Guillermo Polito (only on Friday)
  • Damien Pollet
  • Serge Stinckwich (on Thursday afternoon only)
  • Camille Teruel
  • Yuriy Tymchuk
(If you want to attend, please contact the organizer).

Anne Etien (Anne dot etien @ inria dot fr)