Welcome to my homepage ...

You can find on these pages some information about me and my activities. I'm an assistant professor in computer science within the University of Science and Technology of Lille (USTL). I'm a teacher within the computer science department of Lille University Technological Institut (IUT "A") and I'm a resarcher within the Multi-Agent Systems and Behaviour team (SMAC) which is part of the Fondamental Computer Science Laboratory (LIFL).

What's the menu ?

I try to organize as much as I can some information on these pages. Under the Research section, you will find the work I do with the SMAC team and discover what are my main topics of interest. More detailed informations are available on the team website. Within the Teaching section, you will find the topic that I teach (or used to teach) and sometimes some resources which are primarly tagerted to my students (can still be interesting if you speak french ;). Within the Involment section, there is a description of the responsabilities I have or have had within my organisation. This is problably a bit specific to french universities ... Under Geek's corner, you'll find other items I'm interested in which are in relation with computer science and the so called geek culture. Finally, the Misc Items section is an unordered and chaotic list of internet links that I like :)

Need to contact me ?

Nothing more easy, just send an email to yann.secq{at}univ-lille1.fr ! If you want live interaction, you can call me at my office : (LIFL) or (IUT).