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JEDI Demonstration

This applet gives a demonstration of IODA generic concepts and highly modifiable agents, even with on-the-fly modifications during a simulation. It is based on a particular implementation of IODA concepts called JEDI (Java Environment for the Design of agent Interaction).

It makes possible to freely define the interactions and the behavior of four different agent families, and directly see in a running simulation what emergent phenomenon appears.

To launch the applet, please click on the image below, or on this link.

Your screen resolution has to be higher than 830 x 620, and java SE 6.0 has to be supported by your web browser.

In this applet, we provide :

  • A 50 x 50 discrete environment (the environment is a grid). Each cell contains at most one agent.
  • An interaction ontology containing 8 different interactions;
  • A set of four empty agent families named Blue, Red, Green and Yellow where :
    • Agents interact only with agents they can see;
    • Agents see other agents in a Moore Neighborhood of depth 4 (a 9 x 9 square centered on the agent)
Jedi Demonstration Applet

If your web browser does not support Java SE 6.0.

When launching the applet above, if a popup window opens but displays nothing, then your web browser might not support Java SE 6.0

In this case download the jar file an type java -jar jedi_demo_signe.jar in a shell.

Or use the old version of the applet, which is based on Java SE 5.0.

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