Junior Researcher CNRS at CRIStAL
in the SPIRALS team

Professional Contacts :

Phone Number  : +33 3 5935 8731
Email  : firstname.lastname@univ-lille1.fr
Other email : firstname.lastname@inria.fr
Address : Parc scientifique de la Haute Borne 40, avenue Halley. Bat. B, Park Plaza 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq France

Presentation :

I have been junior researcher at CNRS at the team SPIRALS since the 1st October 2013. This team is joined team between INRIA, CNRS, University Lille. I was in Post-doct at the Departement of Computer Science of Oxford University from the First March 2011 to the 31st of August 2013. I worked with Prof. Michael Benedikt in the Database team of the Information System group

I got a Phd in February 2011 ath the Université Paris Sud. The subject is "On the dynamics of active documents for the management of distributed data" under the supervision of Serge Abiteboul in the ERC project Webdam (Inria Saclay --Île-de-France et Laboratoire de Sécurité et Vérification de l'ENS Cachan)

I am an old student of ENS Cachan at the Departement of Computer Sciences and Telecoms on the site of Rennes.

My resume is available here .

Research Interests :

I am interesting on problems about data management and systems dealing with dynamics data.

In my thesis, I have worked on a language to model the evolution of XML documents of AXML. I worked in the French ANR projet Docflow and the ERC projet Webdam. I was interested on the streams management and data-centric workflows.

My postdoc project wa about optimizing dynamicaly queries in the context of limited accesses. I participate in the projet WebPlan.

I have been working on Web Data Management between Database Theory and Artificial Intelligence. I have been mainly working on logics to describe ontologies and optimisation on recursive queries.

I work on the problems of data protection and transparency of the use of data in software systems.


Distinguished Paper (Honorable Mention) IJCAI 2015 Reasonable Highly Expressive Query Languages co-written with Sebastian Rudolph and Markus Krötzsch

Best Paper Award Track B ICALP 2017 Characterizing Definability in Decidable Fixpoint Logics co-written with Michael Benedikt and Michael Vanden Boom



PhD and Internships subjects

I have a PhD fellowship to provide in the context of the project ANR HeadWork. The candidate can directly start as intern in the context of his master internship. I am looking for candidates.