Important Date

Submission: Extended to Feb 28th, 2015
Notification of acceptance: March 20th, 2015
Camera-ready papers: April 10th 2015
Early registration: April 10th 2015
Conference: June 7-10th 2015


Program Overview

June 7th 2015

9h-12h Registration
June 8th 2015

8h30 Opening Session

Plenary Room "Crystal"
9h Keynote 1: Mauricio G. C. Resende
Biased random-key genetic algorithms
10h00 Coffee Break
10h30 Optimization under uncertainty Graph problems Location and covering
12h10 Lunch
14h30 Machine learning and data mining I Sequencing and Packing Problems Parallel and distributed metaheuristics
16h10 Coffee Break
16h40 Machine learning and data mining II Graph and Routing Networks
June 9th 2015

Plenary Room "Crystal"
9h Keynote 2 : Paolo Toth
Graph theory models and metaheuristics algorithms for the solution of passenger railway optimization problems
10h00 Coffee Break
10h30 Hybrid metaheuristics Satisfiability and 0/1 problems Local search
12h10 Lunch
14h30 Multi-objective optimization
Scheduling I Smart cities and energy
16h10 Coffee Break
19h30 Banquet
June 10th 2015

Plenary Room "Crystal"
9h Keynote 3: Julien Darlay and Frédéric Gardi
LocalSolver: a mathematical optimization solver based on neighborhood search
10h00 Coffee Break
10h30 Large & Variable neighborhood search Routing Logistics and Production
12h10 Lunch
14h30 Multi-objective optimization
Scheduling II Posters
15h50 Coffee Break
16h20 New trends for
Real-life applications of metaheuristics

Detailed Program

Monday, June 8

8h30 – 9h Plenary room “Crystal”
 Opening Session
E-G. Talbi
9h-10h Plenary room “Crystal” - Plenary talk 1 (chair: C. Ribeiro)
Mauricio G. C. Resende
BRKGA Biased random-key genetic algorithms
10h00 – 10h30 Coffee break

10h30 - 12h10

Room Taghazout – Optimization under uncertainty (chair: I. Gonzalez-Rodriguez)

  • Elyn Lizeth Solano Charris, Christian Prins and Andrea Cynthia Santos. The Bi-Objective Robust Vehicle Routing Problem with Uncertain Demands and Travel Times
  • Guillermo Campos Ciro, Frédéric Dugardin, Farouk Yalaoui and Russell Kelly. A fuzzy ant colony optimization approach for solving an open shop scheduling problem with multi-skills resource and tool constraints
  • Juan José Palacios, Jorge Puente, Camino R. Vela, Inés González-Rodriguez and El-Ghazali Talbi. Surrogate-Assisted Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Fuzzy Job Shop Problems
  • Amadeu A. Coco, Andrea Cynthia Santos and Thiago F. Noronha. Scenario-based heuristics with path-relinking for the robust set covering problem
  • Helena Ramalhinho, Angel A. Juan and Martín Gómez Ravetti. Simheuristics for Supply Chain Management

Room Imouzzer – Graph problems (chair: P. Festa)

  • Dogan Corus and Per Kristian Lehre. Theory-driven design of efficient genetic algorithms for a classical graph problem
  • Leonardo Musmanno and Celso Ribeiro. Heuristics for the generalized median graph problem
  • José Andrés Moreno Pérez and Sergio Consoli. On the Minimum Labelling Spanning bi-Connected Subgraph problem
  • Paola Festa. A biased random-key genetic algorithm for the MAX-CUT problem
  • Jose Manuel Colmenar, Peter Greistorfer, Abraham Duarte and Rafael Martí. A GRASP for the Obnoxious p-Median Problem
Room Oufella – Location and covering (chair: T. Matos)
  • Matthias Lanzinger, Benjamin Biesinger, Bin Hu and Günther Raidl. A Genetic Algorithm for the Capacity and Distance Constrained Plant Location Problem
  • Telmo Matos, Dorabela Gamboa and César Rego. Dual RAMP for the Capacitated Facility Location Problem
  • Adilson Xavier, Daniela Cristina Lubke, Helder Manoel Venceslau and Vinicius Layter Xavier. Covering of Solid Bodies by Spheres Via Flying Elephants Method
  • Ayush Joshi, Jonathan Rowe and Christine Zarges. On the Effects of Incorporating Memory in GC-AIS for the Set Cover Problem
  • José-Miguel Rubio, Sebastián Gómez and Emanuel Bravo. Solving the Generalized Balanced Academic Curriculum Problem using the ACO Metaheuristic


Room Taghazout – Machine learning and data mining I (chair: L. Jourdan)

  • Liucheng Guo, Andreea-Ingrid Funie, Ce Guo, David Thomas and Wayne Luk. Pipelined Genetic Propagation with Q-Learning
  • Marc Claesen and Bart De Moor. Hyperparameter Search in Machine Learning
  • William Raynaut, Chantal Soule-Dupuy, Nathalie Valles-Parlangeau, Cedric Dray and Philippe Valet. Addressing the Meta-Learning problem with Metaheuristics (Extended Abstract)
  • Lauro de Paula and Anderson Soares. A Metaheuristic Implementation for Variable Selection in Multivariate Calibration Models
  • Malek Sarhani and Abdellatif El Afia. Facing the feature selection problem with a binary PSO-GSA approach

Room Imouzzer – Sequencing and packing problems (chair: P. Toth)

  •  Fabio Furini and Xueying Shen. Metaheuristic for the Temporal Bin Packing Problem
  • Pablo Batista, Marcos Jose Negreiros, Albert Einstein Muritiba and Augusto Wagner De Castro Palhano. New Framework of Metaheuristics for the Capacitated Centered Clustering Problem
  • Stefan Wagner and Lars Moench. Using Variable Neighborhood Search to Solve the Order Batching Problem in Manual Order Picking Systems
  • Óscar Oliveira, Dorabela Gamboa and Pedro Fernandes. GRASP for the One-dimensional Cutting Stock Problem with Usable Leftovers
  • Fabio Furini, Martin Philip Kidd, Carlo Alfredo Persiani and Paolo Toth. Rolling horizon approaches to the aircraft sequencing problem

Room Oufella - Parallel and distributed metaheuristics (chair: N. Melab)

  • Bhavesh Khemka, Dylan Machovec, Christopher Blandin, Howard Jay Siegel, Salim Hariri, Ahmed Louri, Cihan Tunc, Farah Fargo and Anthony A. Maciejewski. Resource Management in Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Environments with Soft and Hard Deadlines
  • Lauro de Paula and Anderson Soares. A GPU-based Implementation of the Firefly Algorithm for Variable Selection in Multivariate Calibration Problems
  • Tarek Menouer, Simon Clavière and Bertrand Le Cun. Parallel Scheduling System in Cloud Infrastructure
  • Alejandro Reyes Amaro, Eric Monfroy and Florian Richoux. A Parallel-Oriented Language for Modeling Constraint-Based Solvers
  • Adda Chahrazed and Benyamina Abou El Hassan. Intensive scheduling embedded applications on GPGPUs

16h10 – 16h40 Coffee break

Room Taghazout –Machine learning and data mining II (chair: L. Obritzberger)

  • Johan Loeckx. Beyond Mitchell: Multi-Objective Machine Learning -- minimal entropy, energy and error
  • Lisa Obritzberger, Daniela Borgmann, Susanne Schaller, Viktora Dorfer, Andrea Lindenmair, Susanne Wolbank, Heinz Redl and Stephan Winkler. Prediction of Mineralization Degree in Human Amniotic Membrane Using Image Processing Techniques and Machine Learning
  • Toujani Radhia, Dhouioui Zeineb and Akaichi Jalel. Sentiment Analysis in Social Networks using Machine Learning and Metaheuristic
  • Oussama Aoun, Malek Sarhani and Abdellatif El Afia. Hidden Markov Model classifier for the Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Manal Zettam and Bouazza Elbenani. A discrete teaching learning based optimization algorithm

Room Imouzzer – Graph and routing problems (chair: C. Ribeiro)

  • José Veloso and Dorabela Gamboa. RAMP Algorithms for the P-Median Problem
  • Bruno Pinto, Alexandre Plastino, Celso Ribeiro and Isabel Rosseti. A biased random-key genetic algorithm to the maximum cardinality quasi-clique problem
  • Carlos Carreto and Ricardo Antunes. An Application for Handheld Devices to Solve Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems
  • Paolo Detti, Francesco Papalini and Garazi Zabalo Manrique de Lara. A multi-depot dial-a-ride problem for patients transportation in healthcare
  • Dalila Tayachi. A hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for solving the Maximum Clique Problem

Room Oufella - Networks (chair: F. Seredynski)

  • Carlos Andrade, Mauricio Resende, Weiyi Zhang and Flávio Miyazawa. A biased random-key genetic algorithm for wireless backhaul network design
  • Antonina Tretyakova and Franciszek Seredynski. Multi-objectivity in Maximum Lifetime Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks: a Nature - inspired approach
  • Oumarou Mamadou Bello and Kolyang Dina Taiwe. Wireless Mesh Networks design in order to supply an Internet Access for residential floor building with multi-objective constraints
  • Yasmine Lahsinat, Dalila Boughaci and Belaid Benhamou. A Stochastic Local Search Vs a Stochastic Hyper-heuristic to minimize interference in cellular network
  • Rebaiaia Mohamed-Larbi, Ait-Kadi Daoud and Mascle Christian. A Fast heuristic for determining Minimal Paths-set in Reliability networks

Tuesday, June 9


Plenary room “Crystal” - Plenary talk 2 (chair: E. Taillard)

Paolo Toth

Graph theory models and metaheuristics algorithms for the solution of passenger railway optimization problems

10h00 – 10h30 Coffee break

10h30 - 12h10

Room Taghazout– Hybrid metaheuristics (chair: H. Ramalhinho)

  • Éric D. Taillard, Adriana C. F. Alvim and Stefan Voss. A template for low-complexity implementation of POPMUSIC
  • Omar Dib, Alexandre Caminada and Marie-Ange Manier. Genetic algorithm combined with variable neighborhood search to solve the one-to-one shortest path problem
  • Airam ExpositoM Marquez, Julio Brito Santana and José Andrés Moreno Pérez. Hybrid GRASP-VNS for milk collection problem modeled as PVRPTW
  • Sylvain Dufourny and Clarisse Dhaenens. An original hybrid approach to optimize economic decisions in a business game
  • Jerry Swan. A Research Agenda for Metaheuristic Standardization

Room Imouzzer – Satisfiability and binary problems (chair: S. Hanafi)

  • Mourad Lassouaoui, Dalila Boughaci and Belaid Benhamou. Some hyper-heuristics to deal with MAX-SAT
  • André Abramé, Djamal Habet and Donia Toumi. Tie-Breaking Heuristic in Configuration Checking for Random 3-SAT instances
  • Saïd Hanafi and Raca Todosijevic. New Convergent Scatter Search Algorithm for 0-1 Mixed Integer Programs
  • Hajer Ben Othman and Moncef Tagina. The local search is better guided by our new template concept: case of Max-CSPs
  • Amina Yahia. An efficient heuristic approach for building inference graphs from a binary relation

Room Oufella – Local search (chair: L. Di Gaspero)

  • Annelies De Corte and Kenneth Sörensen. An iterated local search algorithm for water distribution network design optimisation
  • Renaud De Landtsheer, Yoann Guyot, Gustavo Ospina and Christophe Ponsard. Combining Neighborhoods into Local Search Strategies
  • Sara Ceschia, Luca Di Gaspero, Andrea Schaerf and Tommaso Urli. A General Local Search Solver for FlatZinc
  • Bonnevay Stephane, Aubertin Philippe and Thibault Lazert. A Simulated Annealing algorithm for real-world 2-D Cutting Stock Problem with Setup Cost
  • Hakim Mitiche, Julio Godoy and Maria Gini. On the evaluation and tuning of iterated local search guidance modules


Room Taghazout – Multi-objective optimization I (chair: F. Yalaoui)

  • Maxence Vandromme, Julie Jacques, Julien Taillard, Laetitia Jourdan and Clarisse Dhaenens. Handling numerical data to evolve classification rules using a Multi-Objective Local Search
  • Sune Nielsen, Gregoire Danoy, Roland Krause, Reinhard Schneider, El-Ghazali Talbi and Pascal Bouvry. Evolutionary Multi Objective Optimisation with Diversity as Objective for the Inverted Folding Problem
  • Karen Niño, Gonzalo Mejía and Lionel Amodeo. An Efficient Multi-Objective Algorithm for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
  • Chahrazad Adiche and Meziane Aider. A Hybrid Method based on Dominance-Core Concept for 0-1 Bi-Objective Knapsack Problems
  • Annie Lebel and Caroline Gagné. Multi-objective ant colony algorithm for a scheduling problem with real world characteristics

Room Imouzzer - Scheduling (chair: I. Osman)

  • Sarah Ben Othman and Slim Hammadi. Agent-based Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Skill Health Care Tasks Scheduling
  • David Meignan. An Experimental Investigation of Reoptimization for Shift Scheduling
  • Felippe M. Faeda, José Elias C. Arroyo, Andre G. Santos and Michele Monaci. Heuristic Algorithms for Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling with Precedence Constraints and Sequence-Dependent Setup Times
  • Karim Amrouche, Mourad Boudhar and Farouk Yalaoui. A Multi start descent heuristic for a chain-reentrant shop
  • Allaoua Hemmak , Ibrahim Osman. Mathematical Enhanced Genetic Algorithms for Solving the Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Early/Tardy Jobs

Room Oufella – Smart cities and energy (chair: S. Nesmachnow)

  • Jorge García-Alvarez, Miguel A. González and Camino R. Vela. A GRASP Approach to Solve an Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling Problem
  • Aljoscha Gruler, Angel Juan and Mike Steglich. A Heuristic Approach for smart Waste Collection Management
  • Renzo Massobrio, Sergio Nesmachnow and Oscar Gabriel Fagúndez de Los Reyes. Multiobjective taxi sharing optimization using the NSGA-II evolutionary algorithm
  • Jacquin Sophie, Laetitia Jourdan and Talbi El-Ghazali. A Multi-objective Dynamic Programming Based Metaheuristic to Solve the Bi-objective Unit Commitment Problem
  • Mustapha Hajji and Driss Ouazar. Water design networks optimization using ACO and TABU

16h10 – 16h40 Coffee break

Wednesday, June 10


Plenary room “Crystal” - Plenary talk 3 (chair: S. Voss)

Julien Darlay and Frédéric Gardi

LocalSolver: a mathematical optimization solver based on neighborhood

10h00 – 10h30 Coffee break

10h30 - 12h10

Room Taghazout – Large and variable neighborhood search (chair: J. Moreno)

  • José Andrés Moreno Pérez and Sergio Consoli. An intelligent extension of Variable Neighbourhood Search for labelling graph problems
  • Nenad Mladenovic, Raca Todosijevic and Dragan Urosevic. Basic variable neighborhood search heuristic for the minimum differential dispersion problem
  • Marlon Monçores, Adriana Alvim and Márcio Barros. Large Neighborhood Search for the Software Module Clustering Problem
  • Tommaso Adamo, Tobia Calogiuri, Gianpaolo Ghiani, Antonio Grieco, Emanuela Guerriero and Emanuele Manni. Automatic Synthesis of a Variable Neighborhood Descent from a MIP model
  • Nacira Chikhi, Moncef Abbas, Said Hanafi and Nenad Mladenovic. A General Variable Neighborhood Search for a scheduling problem in a robotic cell
Room Imouzzer – Routing problems (chair: L. Pradenas)
  •  Marcos Negreiros. GRASP and GTSP Based Procedures for a New Version of the Windy General Routing Problem
  •  Hipólito Hernández-Pérez, Inmaculada Rodríguez-Martín and Juan-José Salazar-González. A hybrid heuristic approach for the multi-commodity pickup-and-delivery traveling salesman problem
  •  Lorena Pradenas, Mauricio Bravo and Víctor Parada. A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for the heterogeneous pollution-routing problem
  •  Cesar Rego, Dorabela Gamboa and Fred Glover. Doubly-Rooted Stem-and-Cycle Ejection Chain Algorithm for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
  •  Julliany Brandao, Thiago Noronha and Celso Ribeiro. A genetic algorithm for maximizing the accepted demands in routing and wavelength assignment in optical networks

Room Oufella – Logistics and production (chair: L. Amodeo)

  • Fred Glover, Gary Kochenberger, Manuel Laguna and Chance Carraway. Inventory Management Optimization – Advances through Simulation Optimization, Metaheuristics and Network Optimization
  • Ghazwan Alsoufi, Xinan Yang Yang and Abdel Salhi. A combinatorial Benders' cuts approach to the seaside operations problem in container ports
  •  Sebastian Meiswinkel, Tim Bottenberg, Dominik Kress and Erwin Pesch. Workload Balancing at Intermodal Container Terminals and Sea Ports
  • Faicel Hnaien and Farouk Yalaoui. Integrated production scheduling and age-based preventive maintenance planning in the flowshop problem
  • Alessandro Agnetis, Marco Pranzo and Simone Sbrilli. An Iterated Greedy algorithm for planning elective surgeries with detailed bed leveling


Room Taghazout – Multi-objective optimization II (chair: M. Cornu)

  • Bernhard Grill, Andreas Ekelhart, Elmar Kiesling, Christian Stummer and Christine Strauss. Multi-objective evolutionary optimization of computation-intensive simulations -- The case of security control selection
  • Marek Cornu, Tristan Cazenave and Daniel Vanderpooten. Pareto Adaptive Decomposition algorithm
  • Meriem Akli and Meziane Aider. The impact of the crossing step in Genetic Algorithms
  • Ismahene Aouadni and Abdelwaheb Rebai. Decision Support System based on Genetic Algorithm and Multi-criteria Satisfaction Analysis (MUSA) method for measuring job satisfaction

Room Imouzzer – Scheduling II (chair: A. Yalaoui)

  • Oussama Masmoudi, Alice Yalaoui, Yassine Ouazene and Hicham Chehade. Approximating method for solving a flow-shop lot-sizing problem with energy consideration
  • Haneen Algethami and Dario Landa-Silva. A Study of Genetic Operators for the Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problem
  • Dhia Kadhem, Xinan Yang and Abdellah Salhi. A diagonal-based method for the solid assignment problem
  • Dalila Tayaci. Solving the P/Prec, pj,Cij/Cmax by an evolutionary algorithm

Room Oufella – Posters (chair: R. Ellaia)

  • Olfa Dridi, Saoussen Krichen and Adel Guitouni. A Multi-criteria Evolutionary Algorithm for Large Volume Surveillance Problems
  • Oumayma Bahri, Nahla Ben Amor and El-Ghazali Talbi. Robustness Approach for Multi-objective Optimization under Uncertainty
  • Haroun Ragueb, Ali Badidi Bouda and Asma Chakri. Simplified chicken swarm optimization algorithm
  • Zineb Garroussi and Rachid Ellaia. Fast Multiobjective Bat Algorithm of wind-thermal economic emission dispatch
  • Zoubair Taidi, Lamia Benameur and Jihane Alami    A Hybrid Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

15h50 – 16h20 Coffee break



Room Taghazout – Real-life application of metaheuristics (chair: A. Nakib)

  • Wassila Guendouzi and Abdelmadjid Boukra. Using an Enhanced Bat Echolocation Approach for Security Audit Trails Analysis
  • Djamel Bellala, Lazhar Ourlis and Hacene Smadi. Genetic Algorithm Optimization for the Average Position Analysis of a Welding Robot through a Metal Spar
  • Sihem Slatnia, Okba Kazar, Majda Rouina and Ahlem Habi. Toward Multi Objectives Optimization Based On Not Dominated Sort Genetic Algorithm To Vegetable Production
  • Bouchra Bouziyane, Btissam Dkhissi and Mohammad Cherkaoui. A hybrid genetic algorithm for the static and dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows
  • Bouchra Karoum, Bouazza Elbenani, Amer Abdelhakim El Imrani and Noussaima El Khattabi. Manufacturing Cell Formation Problem using Hybrid Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Room Imouzer – New trends in nature inspired algorithms (chair: R. Ellaia)

  • Aziz Ouaarab, Belaïd Ahiod, Xin-She Yang and Mohammed Abbad. Discrete Cuckoo Search for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
  • Mariam Elkhechafi, Hanaa Hachimi and Youssfi El Kettani. A New Hybrid Cuckoo_search and Firefly Optimization
  • Abdelhakim Ameur El Imrani and Salma Ouchraa. Multinational Cultural Algorithm for Function Optimization
  • Nader Mahmoudi and Ekrem Duman. A Simple but Effective Modification on the Migrating ‎Birds Optimization (MBO) Algorithm: Case of Quadratic ‎Assignment Problem (QAP)‎
  • Mohammed M. S. El-Kholany and Hisham Abdelsalam. Optimal Project Portfolio Selection Using Binary Cuckoo Search Algorithm