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What is all about ?

Anamorphoses are distorted images that need to be seen from a special point of view in order to reconstruct the correct image. Those pages will help you to construct several kinds of anamorphoses. Most of them are unusual. The method described here allows to test new ideas, and hopefully could lead to new achievements.

A short history

May 1st, 2010

Artists and scientists are interested in anamorphoses since the time of early Renaissance. First attempts are credited to Leonardo da Vinci. Jean-François Niceron, a Minim friar, wrote the first book about anamorphoses at the beginning of 17th century. Another Minim friar, Emmanuel Maignan, drew some perspective anamorphoses in his convent in Roma.

Among contemporary artists, on can cite Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner for their perspective anamorphoses, and István Orosz for catoptric anamorphoses.

A detailed history of anamorphoses can be found in Jurgis Baltrusaitis's Anamorphoses ou Thaumaturgus Opticus
The site Art of Anamorphosis is a mine of examples and links.