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I used to work in different fields of Machine Learning. At this time, I am more involved in Computer Aided Geometry, from the generation of anamorphoses to automated theorem proving.


Machine Learning

Alternating Decision Trees

I wrote ADTree, an implementation of Freund & Mason's Alternating Decision Tree Algorithm, extended to multilabel classification.

Reinforcement learning

PIQLE (Platform for Implementing Q-Learning Experiments) is a Java framework for fast design, prototyping and test of reinforcement learning experiments.

I designed CAROLL (Cheap Autonomous Robot for On-Line Learning), a programmable robot using reinforcement learning for searching illuminated zones.

Computer Aided Geometry

  • I am currently (March 2018) working on 3D modelling seashells, mixing the works of D'Arcy Thompson for their shapes and Hans Meinhardt for their patterns.
  • I defined a new method for the generation of mirror anamorphoses, described in those pages.
  • With Jean-Paul Delahaye, I defined a method for finding upper bounds for the Heilbronn Problem for Triangles.