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Monday 12th January

2:00 - Opening

2:30 - Invited Speaker: David Corne - "Psychic machines: mind-reading with machine learning"

4:00 - Session : Algorithm Selection and Configuration

  • 42 - From Sequential Algorithm Selection to Parallel Portfolio Selection
  • Marius Lindauer, Holger Hoos and Frank Hutter.
  • 36 - An Algorithm Selection Benchmark of the Container Pre-Marshalling Problem
  • Kevin Tierney and Yuri Malitsky.
  • 55 - ADVISER: A Web-based Algorithm Portfolio Deviser
  • Mustafa Misir, Stephanus Daniel Handoko and Hoong Chuin Lau.
  • 60 - Grammar-based Generation of Stochastic Local Search Heuristics Through Automatic Algorithm Configuration Tools
  • Franco Mascia, Manuel López-Ibáñez, Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste, and Thomas Stützle

Tuesday 13th January

9:00 - Invited speaker: Rémi Munos - "The optimistic principle applied to function optimization and planning"

10:00 - Session: Learning

  • 18 - Identifying best hyperparameters for deep architectures using random forests
  • Zhenzhen Li, Zhuoyao Zhong and Lianwen Jin.
  • 2 - Genetic Programming, Logic Design and Case-Based Reasoning for Obstacle Avoidance
  • Andy Keane.
  • 50 - Minimizing total tardiness on identical parallel machines using VNS with learning memory
  • Eduardo Lalla Ruiz and Stefan Voss.
  • 3 - Dynamic service selection with optimal stopping and 'trivial choice'
  • O. Skroch.
  • 41 - A Comparative Study on Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithms on Both Test Functions and a Real-World Problem
  • Shota Eguchi, Yuki Matsugano, Hirokazu Sakaguchi, Satoshi Ono, Hisato Fukuda, Ryo Furukawa and Hiroshi Kawasaki.

2:00 - Tutorial: Sébastien Verel - "Fitness landscape: the metaphor and beyond."

4:30 - Session: Fitness Landscape

  • 31 - Empirical Analysis of Operators for Permutation Based Problems
  • Pierre Desport, Matthieu Basseur, Adrien Goeffon, Frederic Lardeux and Frédéric Saubion.
  • 48 - Fitness Landscape of the Factoradic Representation on the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem
  • Marie-Eleonore Marmion and Olivier Regnier-Coudert.
  • 16 - Exploring non-neutral Landscapes with neutrality-based Local Search
  • Matthieu Basseur, Adrien Goëffon and Hugo Traverson.

Wednesday 14th January

9:00 - Invited speaker: Alex Freitas - "Automating the Design of Decision Tree Algorithms with Evolutionary Computation"

10:30 - Session: Applications

  • 5 -A Selector Operator Based Adaptative Large Neighborhood Search for the Covering Tour Problem
  • Leticia Vargas, Nicolas Jozefowiez and Sandra Ulrich Ngueveu
  • 45 - Metaheuristics for the Two-Dimensional Container Pre-Marshalling Problem
  • Alan Tus, Andrea Rendl and Günther Raidl.
  • 52 - Improving the State of the Art in Inexact TSP Solving using Per-Instance Algorithm Selection
  • Lars Kotthoff, Pascal Kerschke, Holger Hoos and Heike Trautmann.
  • 24 - A Biased Random Key Genetic Algorithm for the Multiple Knapsack Assignment Problem
  • Eduardo Lalla Ruiz and Stefan Voss.
  • 58 - An hybrid metaheuristic for the Unit Commitment Problem
  • Sophie Jacquin, Laetitia Jourdan and Talbi El-Ghazali.

2:00 - Invited Speaker: Daniel Le Berre - "From Boolean Satisfaction To Boolean Optimization: Application To Dependency Management"

3:30 - Session: Dynamic Optimization

  • 27 - Annealing-Pareto Multi-Objective Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithm
  • Saba Yahyaa, Madalina Drugan and Bernard Manderick.
  • 26 - Pure-exploration Pareto front identification algorithms for stochastic environments
  • Madalina Drugan and Ann Nowé.

4:30 - Session: Best paper

  • 54 - OSCAR: Online Selection of Algorithm Portfolios with Case Study on Memetic Algorithms
  • Mustafa Misir, Stephanus Daniel Handoko and Hoong Chuin Lau.
  • 11 - Generating Training Data for Learning Linear Composite Dispatching Rules for Scheduling
  • Helga Ingimundardottir and Thomas Runarsson.
  • 44 - Learning a hidden Markov model-based hyper-heuristic
  • Willem Van Onsem, Bart Demoen and Patrick De Causmaecker.

Thursday 15th January

9:00 - Session: Multi-Objective

  • 49 - Comparison of Parameter Control Mechanisms in Multi-objective Differential Evolution
  • Martin Drozdik, Hernan Aguirre, Youhei Akimoto and Kiyoshi Tanaka.
  • 32 - A practical case of the multiobjective knapsack problem: Design, modelling, tests and analysis
  • Brahim Chabane, Matthieu Basseur and Jin-Kao Hao.
  • 21 - A Bayesian approach to constrained multi-objective optimization
  • Paul Feliot, Julien Bect and Emmanuel Vazquez.
  • 28 - Pareto Fronts for MultiZeno Benchmarks
  • Alexandre Quemy, Marc Schoenauer, Vincent Vidal, Johann Dréo and Pierre Savéant.

10:30 - Session Max-Clique Problems

  • 13 - Incremental MaxSAT Reasoning to Reduce Branches in a Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for MaxClique
  • Chu-Min Li, Hua Jiang and Ru-Chu Xu.
  • 15 - Reusing the same coloring in the child nodes of the search tree for the maximum clique problem
  • - Alexey Nikolaev, Mikhail Batsyn and Pablo San Segundo.

11:30 - Session Bayesian Optimization and Global Optimization

  • 33 - A warped kernel improving robustness in Bayesian optimization via random embeddings
  • Mickael Binois, David Ginsbourger and Olivier Roustant.
  • 59 - Approximate Bayesian Recursive Estimation
  • Miroslav Karny
  • 22 - Making EGO and CMA-ES Complementary for Global Optimization
  • Hossein Mohammadi, Rodolphe Le Riche and Eric Touboul.

2:00 - Tutorial - Thomas Stutzle, Manuel Lopez-Ibanez - "Automatic Algorithm Configuration: From Parameter Tuning to Automatic Design"

4:30 Session: Data Mining

  • 46 - Programming by Optimisation meets Parameterised Algorithmics: A Case Study for Cluster Editing
  • Sepp Hartung and Holger Hoos.
  • 57 - MO-Mineclust: A framework for multi-objective Clustering
  • Benjamin Fisset, Laetitia Jourdan and Clarisse Dhaenens.
  • 38 - A Software Interface for Supporting the Application of Data Science to Optimisation
  • Andrew J. Parkes, Ender Ozcan and Daniel Karapetyan.