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3D Printing

Using several programming languages (Java+ImageJ), or software tools with programming facilities (Povray, Blender) , I define and print 3D mathematical objects.


ESMA Exhibition at Paris V City Hall (1-18 february 2012)

Exposition Mathematiques et Art

Bridges 2011 Art Exhibit
Coimbra, Portugal

3D anamorphosis



Based upon the work of George Hart, I developped tools for defining and building polyhedral arrangements of playing cards. With a slight modification of the programs, I am now able to describe 3d objects using the same principles.

Mixing virtual and real 3D-Printed Slide-Together Following the edges of the icosidodecahedron

Cardioidal Variations

Based upon Pedoe's method of construction of a cardioid.

Cardioidal variations Same formula, different settings Cardioidal variation comes to life

Three Dimensionnal Anamorphosis

3D printing offers the opportunity to give life to virtual and theoretic objects.
3D anamorphosis, where the distorted object is no longer a flat image, but a real sculpture, is a perfect example: designing the computed shapes would be impossible without it.

3D anamorphosis V2.0 Anam3Dxx 112


Learning how to define and produce 3D printed objects is a slow process. I sometimes make some tries.

Inversion of a Doyle SPiral