Habilitation thesis of Anne-Lise Gehin

Contribution to the design of safe systems - Functional and behavioral approaches

The fundamental and applied research presented in the framework of this habilitation to direct research concerns the design of safe systems. An automated system is safe if it is able to perform the missions assigned to it, at a given time orover a defined period of time. This requires that the components it contains are interoperable and interchangeable. In order to describe the services provided by the system components and their organization into operating modes, a generic component model is proposed. It allows to verify the existence of a functional redundancy at the level of all the services rendered by the system components and thus to guarantee a certain fault tolerance. The availability of the services and thepossibility of carrying out the missions of the system are evaluated in real time by using fault indicators built on the highlighting of analytical redundancy relations obtained from the Bond Graph tool and its extension, the Signed Bond Graph. The Event Driven Hybrid Bond Graph, built from the generic component model, uses the results of the diagnostic layer to manage in a safe way the different operating modes of the studied system.

defended on 13/10/2021