MINT team

Tools and methods for gesture-based interaction

Leader: Florent Berthaut



The MINT team conducts research in Human-Computer Interaction on the notion of “extended interaction in observed situations”, covering contexts such as interfaces in public spaces, artistic performances, teaching, but also rehabilitation (e.g. practitioner observing a patient) or collaboration in general. More specifically, we focus on three main goals :

  • Allowing spectators and collaborators of complex public interactions to better understand and appreciate them, by extending them using mixed reality displays, with an application to artistic performances;
  • Enriching interactions in the physical space with objects or other persons, through gesture recognition, novel techniques and devices, and the integration of virtual components (visual, auditory or haptic) with an application to the cultural and medical fields;
  • Expanding existing tactile and gestural interfaces by adding multimodal feedback, in order to enrich or transform the user experience and their possibilities of interaction with virtual content, with an application to the field of data exploration.

Martin Birlouez

Interaction proxémique semi-privée pour la collaboration co-localisée

Raphaël Delecluse

Détection, suivi et apprentissage du comportement multi-piétons – application à l’étude des déplacements

Esther Gruy

Dispositifs et Techniques pour l’Interaction Expressive en Réalité Virtuelle et Augmentée

Milad Jamalzadeh

Interaction haptique multimodale en réalité virtuelle

Pierrick Uro

Interaction gestuelle sur contenus complexes : une approche orientée niveau de détail

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