Thesis of Yahya Al-Dhuraibi

Flexible Framework for Elasticity in Cloud Computing

Recently, cloud computing has been gaining popularity and has received a great deal of attention from both industrial and academic worlds since it frees them from the burden and cost of managing local data centers. However, the main factor motivating the use of cloud is its ability to provide resources according to the customer needs or what is referred to as elasticity. Adapting cloud applications during their execution according to demand variation is a challenging task. In addition, cloud elasticity is diverse and heterogeneous because it encompasses different approaches, policies, purposes, etc. We are interested in investigating: How to overcome the problem of over-provisioning/under-provisioning? How to guaranty the resource availability? How to overcome the problems of heterogeneity and resource granularity? How to standardize, unify elasticity solutions and model its diversity at a high level of abstraction? In this thesis, we solved such challenges and we investigated many aspects of elasticity to manage efficiently the resources in the cloud. Three contributions are proposed. Firstly, an up-to-date state-of-the-art of the cloud elasticity, this state of art reviews different works related to elasticity for both Virtual Machines and containers. Secondly, ElasticDocker, an approach to manage container elasticity including vertical elasticity, live migration, and elasticity combination between different virtualization techniques. Thirdly, MoDEMO, a new unified standard-based, model-driven, highly extensible and reconfigurable framework that supports multiple elasticity policies, vertical and horizontal elasticity, different virtualization techniques and multiple cloud providers.


- Directeur de thèse : Philippe Merle - Rapporteurs : Mme Fabienne Boyer, M. Thomas Ledoux, - Examinateurs (rices) : M. Nouredine Melab, Mme Sara Bouchenak, M. Walid Gaaloul, M. Nabil djarallah, M. Faiez Zalila

Thesis of the team Spirals defended on 10/12/2018