Thesis of Wissem Chouchene

Towards a Parallel Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration by Taking into Account the Regularity of FPGA-Xilinx Architectures

This work proposes two complementary design flows allowing the broadcast of a partial bitstream to a set of identical Partially Reconfigurable Regions (PRRs). These two design flows are applicable with FPGAs - Xilinx. The first one called ADForMe (Automatic DPPR Flow For Multi-RPRs Architecture) allows the automation of the traditional flow of Xilinx RDP through the automation of the floorplanning phase. This floorplanning is carried out by the AFLORA (Automatic Floorplanning For Multi-RPRs Architectures) algorithm which we have designed that allows the same allocation of these RPRs in terms of geometric shape taking into account the technological parameters of the FPGA and the architectural parameters of the design in order to allow the relocation of bitstream. The second proposed flow aims to promote the 1D and 2D relocation technique in order to allow the broadcast of a partial bitstream (functionality) to a set of RPRs for a system configuration. Therefore, this flow allows optimizing the size of the bitstream memory. We have also proposed suitable hardware architecture capable of performing this broadcast. The experimental results have been performed on the recent Xilinx FPGAs and have proved the speed of execution of our AFLORA algorithm as well as the efficiency of the results obtained by the application of the automation of the bitstream relocation technique flow. These two flows allow flexibility and reusability of IP components embedded in Multi-RPRs architectures to reduce complexity in design time and improve design productivity.


Directeurs de thèse : Mr Jean-Luc DEKEYSER et Mr Rabie BEN ATITALLAH Rapporteurs : Mr Carlos VALDERRAMA et Mr Fabrice MULLER Examinateurs : Mr Bertrand GRANADO, Mme Laetitia JOURDAN

Thesis of the team EAST defended on 07/12/2017