Thesis of Michel Dirix

For an Efficient Collaboration in Software Modeling Tools

For twenty years, the softwares have reached a very high stage of complexity. The usefulness of the software modeling became increasingly important as models provide an abstraction of the software, and allows the software designer to describe information about important viewpoints such as the architecture or the user needs. With the globalization, teams are distributed over the world, implying culture, language and timezones differences. The modeling activity is collaborative since it implies many stackholders such as developers, architects or clients. The modeling environments were historically single-user but the trend is to provide collaborative tools to address the aforementioned problems. The topic of my thesis is to provide an efficient collaboration. The first part deals with the definition of a communication system building the basis of all collaborations between the users in modeling tools. Then, I proposed a new and efficient collaboration by placing awareness at the center of modeling tools. This work has been implemented in the GenMyModel tool. GenMyModel is an online modeling tool registering more than 200.000 users which gave a perfect platform for the validation of the various studies and designs proposed in this thesis.


Directeur de Thèse : Jean-Marc GEIB Rapporteurs : Marianne HUCHARD, Khalid BENALI Examinateurs : Philippe COLLET, Xavier LE PALLEC, Alexis MULLER

Thesis of the team CARBON defended on 04/07/2016