Thesis of Peter Oluwanisola Fasogbon

Dimensional measurement of metallic object by 3D vision

In this PhD thesis, we have demonstrated through various studies and experiments the necessity of using 3D vision system to measure the cross-section area of metallic objects. The current methods are based on 2D vision approach, which do not allow the measurement of different geometry of these metallic objects. Therefore, we have proposed 3D vision system that consists of lasers and cameras that have been equipped with Scheimpflug optical devices. This non-conventional optical set-up increases the field of view of the camera. As we have to measure the metallic object using the laser-Scheimpflug device, we need to calibrate the system. We proposed a new calibration method that provides significant improvement compared to the state of art laser-camera triangulation system. Using the calibrated system, the cross-section of the metallic object is determined by the analysis of the profile that results from the laser line projected on the metallic object. We have validated the system capability on plug gauges.


Directeurs de thèse : Ludovic MACAIRE, Luc DUVIEUBOURG Rapporteurs : Fabrice MERIAUDEAU, Bernd JAHNE Examinateurs : Luce MORIN

Thesis of the team Imagerie Couleur defended on 23/11/2016