Thesis of Brice Govin

Support for the renovation of a legacy software architecture: a real case at Thales Air Systems

Companies attach great importance to identifying automated and replicable approaches to solving their problems. This observation also applies to software architecture renovation initiatives. Within a large company, we joined the team in charge of renovating the software architecture. We studied the informal approach followed by this team in order to propose a generalization and tools facilitating its automation and its replication to other projects. Most of the solutions proposed in the literature cannot be applied to this project because of their manual nature, their particular constraints or their lack of application to real cases. However, we have proposed a new structured approach based on an adaptation of an existing technique and on the approach developed by the company. Finally, to meet the need for automation, we have defined what we call operators. They are based on the activities we have identified in the work of the company's engineers. We have shown that these operators would allow us to fully replicate our structured approach, thus allowing its effective application on other projects.


- Directeurs de thèse : Nicolas Anquetil, Anne Etien - Rapporteurs : Christelle Urtado, Salah Sadou - Examinateurs : Luc Fabresse, Alain Plantec

Thesis of the team RMoD defended on 26/06/2018