Thesis of Mahmoud Kaddour

Contribution on integrity monitoring and control of GNSS positioning system

The current decade has marked the irresistible and irreversible arrival of the GNSS systems in society by making it accessible and essential to many users. Improved performance and reliability of GNSS systems is among the factors that contribute to the exponential development of the field of GNSS applications and services. This improvement is based on the use of estimation methods of geo-positioning which ensures a very high level of integrity. For this, these methods must incorporate a layer of well-developed autonomous integrity monitoring. In this work, we propose approaches for autonomous integrity monitoring of position estimation using GNSS measurements. We have chosen to develop approaches based on an informational formalism: Informational filter on the one hand and tools of the information theory of the other. Residuals based on mutual information are developed. With an appropriate thresholding, these residuals can detect and exclude GNSS erroneous measurements. In this context, other ideas were also developed in order to robustify the developed methods as the projection of GNSS observations in the information space and the development of optimization function in order ameliorate the prediction of a filter. The proposed methods are tested and validated with real data acquired with an experimental vehicle with several open GNSS systems.


Directeurs de thèse : Mr Maan EL BADAOUI EL NAJJAR et Mr Nazih MOUBAYED Rapporteurs : Mr RUICHEK Yassine et Mr DIAB Mohamad. Examinateurs : Mr KHALIL Mohamad et Mr SAHMOUDI Mohamad.

Thesis of the team defended on 01/11/2016