Thesis of Othman Lakhal

Contribution to the modeling and control of hyper-redundant robots: application to additive printing in the building.

Additive manufacturing technology has been identified as one of the major digital innovations that has revolutionized not only industry, but also building. From a research point of view, additive manufacturing remains a very relevant topic. It is an automated process for depositing materials layer by layer to print houses or small structures for on-site assembly. In additive manufacturing processes, the deposition of materials is generally followed by a printing quality control step. However, the geometry of structures printed with funicular surfaces is sometimes complex, as robots with rigid structures cannot reach certain areas of the structure to be inspected. In this thesis, a flexible and highly redundant manipulator equipped with a camera is attached to the end-effector of a mobile manipulator robot for the quality inspection process of the printed structures. Indeed, soft manipulators can bend along their structures; and this inherent flexibility makes them suitable for navigation in crowded environments. As the number of controlled actuators is greater than the dimension of the workspace, this thesis can be summarized as a trajectory tracking of hyperredundant robots. In this thesis, a hybrid approach that combines the advantages of model-based approaches and learning-based approaches is developed to model and solve the kinematics of soft and hyper-redundant manipulators. The principle is to develop mathematical models with reasonable assumptions, and to improve their accuracy through learning processes. The performance of the proposed approach is validated by performing a series of simulations and experiments applied to the CBHA robot.


M. Rochdi MERZOUKI Université de Lille Directeur de these M. Kamal YOUCEF-TOUMI Massachusetts Institute of Technology Rapporteur M. Abdelaziz BENALLEGUE Université de Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines Rapporteur Mme Antonella MASTRORILLI École nationale supérieure d'architecture et de paysage de Lille Examinateur Mme Geneviève DAUPHINTANGUY Centrale Lille Examinateur M. Sergey DRAKUNOV Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Examinateur M. Achille MELINGUI Ecole nationale supérieure Polytechnique Examinateur

Thesis of the team defended on 16/11/2018