Thesis of Mohamed Ilyas Rahal

Generation of robust diagnostic algorithms based on hybrid bond graph models

The present PH.D thesis deals with integrated design of robust Fault Detection and Isolation system (FDI) based on Hybrid Bond Graph (HBG) in Linear Fractional Transformation (LFT) form. Based on consulted literature about hybrid systems, each operating mode is mainly modelled by specific model for which are generated determinist fault indicators. The innovative interest of developed research can be summarized as follows: (1) use only one HBG uncertain model based on controlled junctions and representing all operating modes, (2) structural and causal properties of the LFT HBG are exploited for systematic generation of Global Analytical Redundancy Relations (GARRs), and detection thresholds, robust to parameter uncertainties, and (3) finally use of only one tool: the Diagnosis Hybrid Bond Graph (DHBG) for not only modelling but also for online surveillance. The developed approach is illustrated by electrical circuit pedagogical example and application to hydraulic system.


Directeurs de Thèse : Belkacem OULD BOUAMAMA, Abdelmajid Meghebbar Rapporteurs : Dominique Sauter, Madjid Kidouche Examinateurs : Hafid Haffaf , Brahim Cherki

Thesis of the team defended on 18/05/2016