Thesis of Inderjeet Singh

Curve Based Approach for Shape Reconstruction of Continuum Manipulators

This work provides a new methodology to reconstruct the shape of continuum manipulators using a curve based approach. Pythagorean Hodograph (PH) curves are used to reconstruct the optimal shape of continuum manipulators using minimum potential energy (bending and twisting energy) criteria. This methodology allows us to obtain the optimal kinematics of continuum manipulators. The models are applied to a continuum manipulator, namely, the Compact Bionic Handling Assistant (CBHA) for experimental validation under free load manipulation. The calibration of the PH-based shape reconstruction methodology is performed to improve its accuracy to accommodate the uncertainties due to the structure of the manipulator. The proposed method is also tested under the loaded manipulation after combining it with a qualitative Neural Network approach. Furthermore, the PH-based methodology is extended to model multi-section heterogeneous bodies. This model is experimentally validated for a closed loop kinematic chain formed using two CBHA manipulating jointly a rope.


Directeur de thèse : Rochdi MERZOUKI Rapporteurs : Véronique PERDEREAU, Ian WALKER Examinateurs : Christian DURIEZ, Geneviève DAUPHIN-TANGUY, Falotico Egidio

Thesis of the team defended on 24/09/2018