Thesis of Beranger Six

Automated Model builder for supervision of Hybrid Dynamic Systems : Applied on a railway rolling stock system

This thesis work contributes to perform an automated model builder for Hybrid Dynamic Systems (HDS) with numerous modes. Technological components including sensors with an iconic format can be automatically exported from a computer-aided design (CAD) scheme or manually drag from a database and interconnected, so as to produce the overall HDS model, following industrial technological schemes. Once the model has been created, block diagram for simulation and diagnosis and a Fault Signature Matrix (FSM) could be generated. The theory and algorithm behind the software are based on Hybrid Bond Graphs (HBG). The switching behaviour engenders variable dynamics (particularly causal changes). To solve this problematic, news algorithm are performed. Compared with developed programs for automated modelling, the presented algorithms are valid for continuous, discrete and hybrid systems. The theory is illustrated by an industrial application which consists of the pneumo-electrical control of rolling stock


Directeurs de thèse : Belkacem Ould Bouamama et Anne-Lise Gehin Rapporteurs : Wolfgang Borutzky and Noureddine Manamanni Examinateurs : Bouchra Ananou, Ludovic Macaire, Jean-François Arnold, Jérémy Patrix

Thesis of the team defended on 27/09/2018