Hdr de Alexandre Kruszewski

Are Polytopic Control Design Methods Suitable for the Next Robotic Challenges ?

This manuscript has been written with the aim of passing my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) in the field of control theory. It is not an overview nor a tutorial but it provides the reader with the necessary information to help him in judging the quality of my research. It relates the evolution of my topics, how the different tracks are articulated and the positioning with the respect of the state of the art. This manuscript is composed with four chapters: The first one is dedicated to my curriculum vitae. The information provided in this section is focussed on the research aspect of my productions. There, one finds my complete bibliography, the PhD thesis I co-supervised, my collaborations and my scientific responsibilities. The second one deals with my work on the control design by means of polytopic models. The beginning of this section gives an example of use of this technique and tries to depict all sources of conservatism created during the process of getting tractable conditions, e. all choices that could result in the loss of potential solutions to the control problem. The second part of this section summarizes a selection of results that I developed with the PhD student I co-supervised which tries to reduce these sources of conservatism. The third section is application-oriented. It describes the results obtained during two of the PhD supervision I have done in the field of Networked Control System. The first PhD thesis presented deals with the simplest NCS system setup and tries to improve its performances by adapting the control gain according to the Quality Of Service (QoS) of the network. The second PhD thesis is the application of the previously developed techniques on the problem of bilateral teleoperation systems. The final section depicts my future research directions which are heavily influenced by a new application topic: the control of deformable robots.

soutenue le 12/12/2017