Délégué à la protection des données
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Activités professionnelles

Membre du Pôle Informatique et Technique (PIT), je suis chef de projet pour les logiciels de gestion du laboratoire CRIStAL (AppSI). Mes fonctions regroupent la collecte et l'analyse des besoins, le développement des applications ainsi que la conception des bases de données.

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Dans le cadre de la mise en conformité RGPD (Réglement Général sur la Protection des données), J'exerce la fonction de DPO (Délégué à la protection des données) afin d'informer et de conseiller le responsable de traitement, les sous-traitants et les membres du Laboratoire.

Mes centres d'intérêt

Arduino / Codiad / Chrome OS / Dancer2 / DBeaver / Java / Javascript / Linux / Kanboard / macOS / Markdown / Pandoc / Perl / Phaser / Pike / Pharo / PostgreSQL / Raspberry pi / Red / REST / RGPD / XML

En savoir plus

Mes projets personnels sont regroupés sur github. Il m'arrive également de gazouiller.

Publications scientifiques

Julien Delplanque, Anne Etien, Nicolas Anquetil, Olivier Auverlot. Relational Database Schema Evolution: An Industrial Case Study. International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME 2018)

Modern relational database management systems provide advanced features allowing, for example, to include behaviour directly inside the database (stored procedures). These features raise new difficulties when a database needs to evolve (e.g. adding a new table). To get a better understanding of these difficulties, we recorded and studied the actions of a database architect during a complex evolution of the database at the core of a software system. From our analysis, problems faced by the database architect are extracted, generalized and explored through the prism of software engineering. Six problems are identified: (1) difficulty in analysing and visualising dependencies between database’s entities, (2) difficulty in evaluating the impact of a modification on the database, (3) replicating the evolution of the database schema on other instances of the database, (4) difficulty in testing database’s functionalities, (5) lack of synchronization between the IDE’s internal model of the database and the database actual state and (6) absence of an integrated tool enabling the architect to search for dependencies between entities, generate a patch or access up to date PostgreSQL documentation. We suggest that techniques developed by the software engineering community could be adapted to help in the development and evolution of relational databases.

Julien Delplanque, Olivier Auverlot, Anne Etien, and Anquetil Nicolas. 2018. Définition et identification des tables de nomenclatures. 36 ème édition d’INFormatique des ORganisations et Systèmes d’Information et de Décision (Inforsid 2018) (2018)

In a relational database, some tables are used to gather additional information to rows of tables forming the core of the database. This data is stored in tables that we call “no- menclature tables”. Being able to distinguish them offers many interests in the study, mainte- nance and evolution of databases. We propose properties to define the nature of these tables. Then, an experiment to validate the proposed properties is described and applied on a case study. A classification model for nomenclature tables is built using a datamining algorithm. Its evaluation shows a precision of 88.6% and a recall of 88.7%.

Julien Delplanque, Anne Etien, Olivier Auverlot, Tom Mens, Nicolas Anquetil, and Stéphane Ducasse. CodeCritics Applied to Database Schema: Challenges and First Results. In 24th IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering, 2017

Relational databases (DB) play a critical role in many information systems. For different reasons, their schemas gather not only tables and columns but also views, triggers or stored functions (i.e., fragments of code describing treatments). As for any other code-related artefact, software quality in a DB schema helps avoiding future bugs. However, few tools exist to analyse DB quality and prevent the introduction of technical debt. Moreover, these tools suffer from limitations like the difficulty to deal with some entities (e.g., functions) or dependencies between entities. This paper presents research issues related to assessing the software quality of a DB schema by adapting existing source code analysis research to database schemas. We present preliminary results that have been validated through the implementation of DBCritics, a prototype tool to perform static analysis on the SQL source code of a database schema. DBCritics addresses the limitations of existing DB quality tools based on an internal representation considering all entities of the database and their relationships.

Articles de vulgarisation

J'écris depuis de nombreuses années dans la presse informatique francophone. Mes articles portent principalement sur la programmation.

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