Chef d'équipe (Émeraude)




Giuseppe Lipari is Professor of Computer Science at University of Lille. He is member of the Embedded Real-Time Adaptative system Design and Execution (Émeraude) team of the Centre de Recherche en Informatique, Signal et Automatique (CRIStAL) de Lille. He is IEEE Fellow, associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Computers, associate editor of the Journal of System Architecture, and associate editor of the Real-Time Systems Journal. His research interests are in real-time systems, real-time operating systems, scheduling algorithms, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks.

He is proud father of three wonderful children.

Thèses dirigées ou co-encadrées au sein de CRIStAL

Fabien Bouquillon

Improving the Reliability of Heterogeneous Multicore Architecture for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Marco Pagani

Modular and autonomous operating systems for embedded applications

Frédéric Fort

Programming adaptive real-time systems