Leader : Laetitia Jourdan

Regardless of the application domain - production, transportation, health care, crisis management the landscape for mathematical optimization has changed during the last decade. New classes of optimization problems have appeared owing to the multiplication of real-time applications and to the management of large distributed databases systems. Solving such problems is challenging since data are often numerous, distributed, uncertain, imperfect or even missing, and solution methods are supposed to provide high quality solutions in very short computation times. The research works of the OPTIMA group will be conducted to provide some answers to these challenging problems. The OPTIMA group proposes new models, that develop ad-hoc solution methods and decision support systems for large-scale complex and distributed systems. The OPTIMA group involves three teams: DOLPHIN, OSL and INOCS. DOLPHIN team is mainly interested in the study and development of optimization algorithms while OSL is centered on models and methods specifically for logistic systems.



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