OSL team

Optimisation des Systèmes Logistiques

Leader: Slim Hammadi



The OSL Team (Optimization of Logistic Systems) specializes in the modeling and optimization of logistic systems across various domains, including transportation, production, crisis management, and healthcare. Our innovative approach incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle the complex challenges within these domains. From disease prediction through biology using ontologies to optimizing the supply chain for critical medical deliveries, we are dedicated to maximizing efficiency. We develop advanced optimization methods, supported by AI, to enhance decision-making and improve model accuracy, ultimately contributing to the optimization of logistic chains. Our objective is to provide comprehensive solutions that intelligently integrate collaborative optimization and decision-making methods to address the complex needs of companies. Our approach is distinguished by two fundamental pillars: data-driven decision support and prediction and collaborative optimization driven by intelligent agents. This combination holds significant potential, particularly in the healthcare sector, to assist radiologists, healthcare professionals, and practitioners in patient examination, accurate diagnosis, and the provision of highly precise and predictive results.



Napthaline Gerard

Système d'aide à la décision Medicale intégrant des techniques d'Intelligence Artificielle pour l'aide au diagnostic des maladies

Idriss Jairi

Conception et développement d'indicateurs de performances intelligents pour l’aide à la préservation de l'environnement en se basant sur la stratégie dite "eau-air-sol"

Hadrien Salem

Intelligence Artificielle pour l'analyse prédictive des maladies à partir de données biologiques

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