SyCoMoRES team

Symbolic analysis and Component-based design for Modular Real-Time Embedded Systems

Leader: Giuseppe Lipari



The objective of the SYCOMORES project-team is to develop a framework for the design and the analysis of embedded real-time systems based on symbolic analysis of parametric components.

SYCOMORES aims at reducing the complexity of large scale embedded real-time software projects by using modularity: component-based design and implementation, parametric model specification, and symbolic analysis. We use formal models and tools at all levels of abstraction.

Application domains include safety critical embedded systems like avionics software, automotive and railway, as well as less critical time sensitive applications like Telecommunication and Internet of Things appliances.

By using formal methods such as synchronous languages, abstract interpretation, symbolic analyses and proof assistant techniques, the SYCOMORES team will progress towards its general objective by developing a component-based scheduling architecture, a parametric and modular worst-case execution time analysis, and correct-by-construction modular code generation from high level formal languages.



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