CO2 : Control and scientific Computing


DEFormable RObotic SofTware

Leader: Christian Duriez



Soft robotics is bringing a renewal of robot mechatronic design: future robots will no longer be “rigid” but made of complex deformable structures, composed of stiff and soft regions, close to organic materials that we can find in the nature. Soft robotics opens very attractive perspectives in terms of new applications, reduction of manufacturing costs, robustness, efficiency and security. It could constitute a great jump in robotics in the following years. The main obstacle identified by all surveys on the subject, is the non-adaptation of the current robotic methods used for design, control, modeling and interaction: it can no longer be argued that deformations are solely a perturbation of rigid models, classically used in robotics. It is precisely on this point that our team proposes a completely different vision. We aim at integrating precise and real-time modeling of the deformations in the control methods of soft robots and new inverse methods for the interaction with the environment. This is where the challenge begins…

Paul Chaillou

Développement d’un système de robotique souple permettant de guider le système d’analyse moléculaire in vivo temps-réel SpiderMass pour l’aide à la chirurgie des cancers (SnakeMass)

Yiru Guo

Conception et analyse de mécanismes flexibles

Haihong Li

Contrôle robuste du manipulateur souple via Cosserat

Etienne Ménager

Intelligence artificielle pour données fortement structurées, application au contrôle haut niveau en robotique souple médicale

Tanguy Navez

Intelligence intégrée et modélisation mécanique de robots souples à l'aide de l'IA

Azouaou Ouyoucef

Commande non linéaire du robot élancé flexible modélisé par la théorie de Cosserat.

Flavie Przybylski

Conception, modélisation et développement d'un robot endoscopique chirurgical souple

Ke Wu

Contrôle du manipulateur logiciel sous contrainte

Lingxiao Xun

Modélisation et commande del'implant cochléaire actif

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