CO2 : Control and scientific Computing

VALSE team

Finite-time control and estimation for distributed systems

Leader: Denis Efimov



Valse team studies the problems arising in the analysis of distributed, uncertain and interconnected dynamical systems, with design of estimation and control algorithms. • Using the concepts of finite-time/fixed-time/hyperexponential convergence and stability, the main idea is to separate and hierarchize in time the control and estimation processes which are distributed in space. This greatly simplifies their analysis and the design for large-scale solutions. • The main area of investigation and application is constituted by Internet of things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems (CPS). • The team aims to draw up algorithms for distributed, finite-time control and estimation. The methodological tools to be developed include extensions of the theory of homogeneous systems and of finite-time/fixed-time/hyperexponential convergence and stability notions. A particular attention is given to applications in real-world scenarios. • Valse is supported by Inria jointly with CNRS CRIStAL and the University of Lille. That follows the joint-team NON-A.



Anatolii Khalin

Nouvelles méthodes pour modéliser et estimer la dynamique du comportement humain

Min Li

Contrôle non linéaire basé sur l’homogénéité des systèmes couplés

Wenjie Mei

Estimation, contrôle et synchronisation pour systèmes distribués

Artem Nekhoroshikh

Estimation en temps fini et compensation des perturbations extérieures

Yu Zhou

Homogénéité généralisée pour l'analyse des systèmes dynamiques

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