The SOFTE team deals with the issue of integrated design of system of cyber-physical systems (SoS), describing large-scale systems. It is a combination of dynamic behavioral systems, characterized by structural properties, and managerial systems, characterized by organizational properties. These induce an additional complexity in terms of operational and managerial independence, cooperation, geographical dispersion and evolutive development of SoS component systems. Thus, the SOFTE team uses an integrated approach to model the SoS concept through several heterogeneous formalisms, to characterize both behavioral systems and managerial systems. It deals with the analysis of the properties of the SoS model, in terms of structural and organizational properties, in order to develop multi-level monitoring and control algorithms. The SOFTE team strongly values ​​its research results through societal issues in Industry 4.0, mobility, energy and healthcare. The SOFTE team has ten years of experience in the applicability of SoS in the medical field, more particularly around digital tools for robot-based diagnosis and treatment of localized cancers. A partnership with the Lille anti-cancer center (Oscar Lambret) exists on this subject, where two radiation therapeutics are members of the team.

Yiwen Chen

Contrôle coopératif distribué des systèmes multi-agents d'ordre entier/fractionnaire

Yibing Cui

Commande collaborative d'un système multi robots basée sur l'intelligence artificielle

Alexandre Escande

Imagerie par résonance magnétique

Steeve Kamga Mbakop

Conception intégrée de préhenseur intelligent et compliant pourla manipulation des objets en milieu industriel à base de la technologie d'impression 3D

Xinrui Yang

Système de systèmes pour la fabrication additive de mobilier urbain avec des matériaux recyclables

Xiaoqin Zhai

Contrôle coopératif des systèmes multi-agents avec / sans paramètres incertains via le contrôle impulsif

Yunlong Zhang

Cooperative Control of Integer/ Fractional Multiple Agent/ Vehicles Systems

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